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How to get started

On this page, we will introduce you to our business portal and explain how to get starting using our platform.

The first thing you see when logging in to the business portal is your dashboard. From here, you can navigate to the different functions of our platform.

When using the portal for the first time, you should head to settings and set up your profile first. Clicking on account settings on the bottom left will bring you to your personal settings. Now, fill in your personal information first.


In your account settings, you can also change booking confirmation settings or default location and default language.

Now that you finished setting up your account, you start with creating employees. Once you added all employees, you can already start with your first booking! Our portal has a bookings and a digital library section. Head to bookings to book a course, or to our digital library for an e-learning course.

To save time and make the booking process easier, the portal also has a favourites section. Once you add a course to favourites, it will be shown under your favourite courses. This is especially useful for courses you book on a regular basis.