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Tailormade simulations

Your data, your equipment, your experience

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With the support of our experienced instructors and facilitators, we work with you to define the learning objectives, select the training modules you require, and set the testing parameters.

You can practice complex operations in a safe and controlled training environment, test the robustness of your existing procedures, or re-enact real-life events for a thorough lessons-learned report.

Your data, your equipment, your experience
Thanks to our flexible and modular approach, we offer different service levels according to your needs. This can include digitally twinning the simulator with your rig and well configuration. We can even link your well’s live data stream to our simulator or to a screen in your office from the well site, which allows us to capture lessons learned and/or simulate next steps in your operations.

This flexibility allows you to build a programme that will address your specific operational challenges and training goals. The fully customisable simulation exercises are live during training in order to measure a team’s performance, to test individual reactions, and to teach both technical and non-technical skills.

A sample of recent projects completed is available to view on the Aberdeen Drilling School website.