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Your global partner for safety critical industries - we support you saving lives and protecting the environment


We are a global business delivering safety and competence services across the world, helping our customers protect their people, assets and the environment

With headquarters in Copenhagen and a global footprint, we have a deep history in delivering compliance and competence services going back over 50 years. Since our beginning we have been leading the industry and through the intelligent application of leading-edge technology we have developed into the preferred end-to-end partner for our customers developing and maintaining a safe workplace while protecting the environment.

Transforming industries with digital technology
Our market-leading suite of digital applications offers customers in safety critical industries a modular approach to managing safety across their business processes while minimising risk. Utilising our innovative cloud-based technology, our suite of applications is built to allow customers to select from a range of applications to suit their needs, revolutionising the way companies track workforce safety, compliance and competence.

Pushing for sustainability
Our clients operate across a range of safety critical industries, including those driving the transition to a more sustainable energy supply, delivering state-of-the-art technologies, services and training solutions that keep people safe and protect the environment.

With safety in our DNA, all our services and solutions are built for this purpose and cover the needs of your entire workforce from frontline operations to back office.

Safety and technical training delivered to the point
Complemented by our digital learning, leading training simulators and applications, we deliver safety and technical training to customers across the world. Whether training is remotely delivered from one of our applications, at one of our global facilities or at your location, we deliver training to the point of need.

We are committed to deliver consistent and high quality services and monitor our delivery closely. Our global service feedback average score in 2022 was 4.7 out of 5.

Developing workforces
We serve industries that perceive a high risk to the safety of their people, their assets and the environment.

In short, what we do is:

  • Manage people and workforces to ensure that people are compliant and competent entering high-risk environments via our managed service solution
  • Develop, deliver, and maintain world-class simulators to the place of your choice and ensure up-to-date cloud-based applications
  • Share our subject matter expertise to help you build and sustain a safe workplace and protect your assets and the environment
  • Develop and provide state-of-the-art standalone software applications and technology developed and tailored to meet the high safety and competence requirements of safety critical industries
  • Deliver training using our advanced simulation technology, digitally via our fast-growing library of e-learning courses or practically at one of our facilities across the world

Our solutions
Our solutions are built on the solid foundation of past experience. We have combined and leveraged our skills and knowledge within traditional safety and survival training and added state-of-the art digital capabilities such as e-learning, software applications and simulation technology to become a globally connected digi-physical safety and competence house serving customers in safety critical industries.

Our training solutions are designed with the principle of providing realistic and fully immersive training experiences.  Globally our capability has developed beyond safety and survival training, to include more advanced and technical training and corporate services to help companies better manage their overall training and competence needs. Knowledge and experience are transferable and we play an increasingly significant role in developing a safe workplace helping customers in safety critical industries improve safety.

Customers across the world choose and trust us year after year because we put reliability, competence and sustainability first.

As our customers’ operations and people have become more technical, we have invested in new digital ways of learning, making the training experience increasingly realistic – and increasingly efficient. We therefore offer blended learning where the theoretical part of a course can be taken via e-learning. Simulators are an increasing part of our training offering in select geographies to mimic as close to real scenarios as it can get.

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Technological advances are driving our industries to new levels of effectiveness. New tools and approaches such as digital platforms, e-learning, simulation and blended training are making the training experience increasingly realistic – and increasingly efficient. We have in-house digital capabilities and industry subject matter expertise to help you embrace the many benefits of these exciting new techniques.

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Managed Services
We specialise in the provision of training management services to safety critical industries and have a decade of experience delivering large-volume training management services contracts and administrative booking services.

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Our specialist consultancy services take your safety a step further, bringing together the expertise and experience that come from being the world’s leading safety brand.

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Our market-leading suite of applications tracks workforce training, compliance and competence as well as holds applications for control of work and digital procedures.

Each of our applications is tailored towards safety critical operations and industries.  Our applications work independently and by combining more you achieve synergies in a unrivalled ecosystem of applications. Our innovative, cloud-based technology revolutionises the way companies track workforce safety.

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We deliver world-leading drilling and lifting simulator solutions which improve safety while increasing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

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Sustainability in RelyOn Nutec
Safety is not only our business – it is in our DNA. Helping our customers ensure a healthy and safe work environment is our purpose, and we take pride in ensuring that our customers have the right skill set to stay safe in hazardous and potentially life-threatening situations.

We run our business with a high sense of responsibility towards people and the environment, and we acknowledge and aim to minimise the negative impact that our operations may have on our surroundings.  We are against corruption and bribery in all their forms and are working actively to ensure that our employees share our understanding of responsible business conduct.

We are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of our operations through efficient use of resources and a continuous focus on reducing our energy consumption and CO2 emissions.  We operate our business with respect for human and labour rights everywhere and we expect our business partners to do the same.