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Our tailormade courses are designed to meet the specific needs of organisations in order to comply with legislation or industry standards

RelyOn Nutec tailormade courses: global training management with local delivery


RelyOn Nutec tailormade courses

Designed to meet your business requirements

Our tailormade courses are designed to meet the specific needs of organisations in order to comply with legislation or industry standards. With over 30 years of experience in developing and delivering courses in maritime, oil and gas, wind and industrial companies, we work closely with organisations to meet legislation industry standards, and deliver training that is in line with their own safety philosophy and procedures.

Why companies use tailormade courses

Organisations typically contact us with one or more of these challenges:

  • New safety trends and requirements which are not covered within existing training standards.
  • Lack of experience and skill in developing and delivering training courses.
  • Course content is generic and does not meet the specific requirements of the organisation.
  • High training and logistic cost associated with delivering training courses internally.

Updating training to fit market demands: new requirements and demands arising in the market puts pressure on organisations safety training. By partnering with leading industry experts organisations can meet market demands and stay competitive

Fit-for-purpose training courses: while organisations have the knowledge and skilled personnel to execute tasks related to their business, they can find it challenging to develop training courses and deliver training courses themselves. By working with experts, organisations can get the necessary experience and skills they cannot find in-house.

Highly relevant courses: when cooperating together with the customer, a company’s bespoke training can be developed using their own procedures and policies which are tailored to the subject matter.

Reduce training and logistic cost, with access to a large network of training providers: by partnering with experts to deliver the training, organisations can meet legislation more easily, saving costs on delivering these training courses internally.

What are tailormade courses?

What we do:

  • Are your training courses too generic? We develop training courses that are tailored to the exact wishes of your organisation.
  • Are you unable to meet certain trends when it comes to safety training? We help by providing training that can deal with evolving requirements that are not covered by existing training standards
  • Do you know what equipment to use? We will help guide you on the right equipment to use, and how to use it safely.
  • Do you want courses delivered on location? We can tailor courses so that we can deliver them onsite, therefore ensuring that your employees get the most benefit. This can also help to reduce the total cost of the training.

How we set up and run your company's tailormade courses

  • Identify the topic: we discuss with the decision maker and representative(s) the topic of the tailormade training course and initial thoughts on duration of the course.
  • Determine the scope: preferably company subject matter expert(s) are invited along with a RelyOn Nutec team. Together we will determine the scope of the training; the learning outcomes; duration; theory v practical ratio; maximum number of delegates per group; and the training programme to be determined.
  • Develop the key material: this phase is used to develop course material (eg lesson plans, media to be used for course delivery, training props, etc).
  • Pilot delivery: the pilot training is used to deliver the training to a group of customer representatives and to see if it is meeting customer expectations and is fit for purpose.
  • Finalise the product: is applicable when there is still a need to make adjustments to the programme in order to finalise the training product. Once agreed between the customer and RelyOn Nutec, the tailormade course is ready to be delivered.
  • Deploy the course; the tailormade course is ready for delivery and can be booked by the customer for regular training.

Why RelyOn Nutec as your tailormade courses provider

Global training management with local delivery: partnering with a global training management service provider should not come at the expense of delivering localised training. Our consultants tailor training packages from a network of 1000’s of providers, built over the past 30 years. With 33 training facilities in +20 countries around the world, we are the largest safety training provider able to coordinate at a global scale and deliver locally. We manage needs globally and address them from a local perspective.

Decades of experience with blended learning offering: we have spent the past 30 years managing the training needs of large and small companies around the world.

As the largest global training provider with a physical presence in more than 20 countries, our experienced teams have a wealth of knowledge at their disposal to ensure you are in compliance with requirements to remain competitive as a viable solution for the biggest contracts and projects around the world.


If you have a question or would like further information about tailormade courses, please get in touch with your local facility