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Business Portal - sign-up now and get two months free access to our e-learning catalogue

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  • Our new business portal launches in February

    Our new business portal will give you easier and faster access to RelyOn Nutec’s products and services

    In February, we will begin the business portal onboarding process to give our customers easy access to RelyOn Nutec’s products and services.

    You will be able to book physical training courses, as well as any e-learning courses, from our entire catalogue - quickly and easily.

    Designed in collaboration with our customers
    We designed a new -state-of-the-art portal to make your training booking process more efficient in collaboration with our users. The business portal will give you full access to our portfolio of training courses, including classroom, e-learning, blended, and virtual options. New functionality, including a calendar overview, will ensure the best possible user experience for all our clients.

    Sign up before we launch and receive two months of free e-learning
    Sign-up to experience our one-stop-training-shop for organisations that operate in safety-critical industries. We have the most comprehensive portfolio of courses, covering the largest geographical area within our industries.

    By signing up for our early bird program, you can get free access to e-learning for two months when our portal launches in February.

    Sign up at the end of this page.

  • E-learning

    We embrace digitalisation by simplifying access to e-learning courses, blended courses and more

    To ensure you can take full advantage of new technological improvements and keep your business competitive, we embrace digitalisation by simplifying access to e-learning courses, blended training, and more.

    We currently have over 200 e-learning courses available on our platform and are continuously working on content updates and expanding our library of e-learning courses.

    Adaptive enabled
    Additionally, our business portal will give you access to our new adaptive platform. Adaptive learning is the future of e-learning, delivering a faster, more engaging and ultimately more effective learning experience.

    Adaptive learning optimises the learning process by automatically adjusting the content and speed of the online course according to the learner’s individual needs. This enables learners to complete courses more successfully as the program adapts to their own needs and capabilities.

    Over the next year, we will convert many of our most popular e-learning courses to adaptive.

  • Why use our business portal

    Sign-up to get access to the largest library of courses in our industry

    Core benefits of our business portal:

    • Access to the most extensive library of courses in our industry, as you can book regular courses, e-learning, or both
    • Easy and fast bookings
    • Future-proofed solution as it is adaptive enabled

    Our business portal will allow you to:

    • Manage bookings 100% digitally
    • Assign courses to learners
    • Monitor their progress
    • Access all certificates
    • Choose your format of e-learning billing (buy as you go, bulk purchases, or a subscription scheme)
    • Choose selected courses in Adaptive Learning format
    • Add favourite courses to your dashboard
    • Save specific filters when searching courses (e.g. location)
  • How to get started - sign up now

    Sign-up for our early bird offer

    Sign-up using the form below for our early bird program to get two months of free access to our portal once it launches in February.

    What happens when I sign up?
    After signing up, sales will contact you. They will give you further information about our business portal and advise when you can expect to be rolled on to the portal.

    It is 100% risk-free. You are not obligated to use the solution, and you don't need to commit to anything.

    So, it is all benefits with no downsides.

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