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RelyOn Nutec


Board of Directors

The General Meeting elects the members of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors shall annually revise and oversee the overall strategy, business and action plan for RelyOn Nutec and approve the annual budget for the next financial year.

The Board of Directors has decided not to establish an Audit Committee, however the Board of Directors handles the tasks related to such an committee.

Outline of responsibility:

  • Lay down general business and management principles of the Company
  • Decide on strategy and risk policies for the Company
  • Supervise the performance of the Company, the Executive Management and secure the proper organisation of the Company
  • Review the Company’s financial position, capital resources and reporting on financials and performance
  • Appoint members of the Executive Management

The Board of Directors will convene at least four times per year.

See Board of Directors 


RelyOn Nutec Holding A/S (formerly Falck Safety Service Holding A/S) was successfully carved out of the Falck Group on 20 September 2018 and acquired by Polaris Private Equity via BidCo RelyOn Nutec A/S.

To read more see: Polaris acquires Falck Safety Services from Falck