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Our technology

Thoroughly tested and proven highly valuable in enhancing training standards worldwide

Simulation Only System

With over two decades of experience working with leading IOCs, NOCs, service companies and drilling contractors, our technology platform has been thoroughly tested and proven highly valuable in enhancing training standards worldwide.

Our skilled software engineers are continuously collaborating with our team of technical experts to create training modules with real impact. As a result, our modular training programmes are developed fully in-house and deliver unparalleled 3D graphics to create a truly dynamic and immersive training environment for participants.

User-friendly with high-quality visualisation
Our fleet of simulators provide unique functionality and a user-friendly interface for drilling and crane operations training.

The simulators vary in size, from the full-size ADS4 to the portable ADS1 and ADS2, but each model, irrespective of size, provides our hallmark high-quality on-screen visualisation and real-time data analysis.

Reacts to input as live operations
The full-size ADS3-Drill and ADS4-Drill simulators are fully immersive with cyber chairs, emulated control systems and high-quality visuals presented across multiple large display monitors. With maximum visualisation, the software reacts to data input as rapidly as you would expect to see during live operations.

The full-size ADS3-Offshore Crane simulators are fully representative of an offshore crane cabin, with interchangeable panniers and a full-motion base allowing realistic movement within high-quality visuals presented on multiple display monitors images.