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Simulation for lifting operations

Offshore ADS1 Crane Simulator 22
  • About our advanced dynamic simulator

    User-friendly interface and unparalleled realism

    Our Advanced Dynamic simulator-crane (ADS-crane) simulators provide high-quality 3D visualisation of port operations and offshore lifting operations. Our port crane simulators can simulate container and bulk terminal operations, and our offshore crane simulators create offshore lifting operations. All our crane simulators offer an unparalleled level of realism and a very user-friendly interface.

     Key simulation features:

    • Multiple cranes available
    • Multiple offshore installations
    • Multiple cargo/boat types
    • Various containers, goods, and deck objects
    • Adjustable environmental conditions like wave height, wind, rain, fog, and snow
    • Simulated crane failure operations like hydraulic failure, power outage, broken cable, unexpected load drop, and much more

    Benefits include:

    • Compliments on-the-job training
    • Reduce risk and improve operational safety in operations
    • Reinforce the importance of critical drills
    • Crane operator competence assessment and assurance
  • Lifting operations simulation training

    Simulated operation training in a safe environment

    As we roll out our fleet of simulators across our many training centres globally, you will have the opportunity to reassess your crane operators against various international standards.

    Available courses include:

    • Offshore Crane Operator Training (Stage 1)
    • Offshore Crane Operator Training & Assessment (Stage 2)
    • Offshore Crane Operator Re-assessment (Stage 2)
    • Offshore Crane Operator Assessment (Stage 3)
    • Offshore Crane Operator Re-assessment (Stage 3)
    • Advanced Crane Training (Emergency)