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Booking confirmation

Does every employee receive a booking confirmation?

This is entirely up to you. Since people might have different preferences about who gets a booking confirmation, we made sure that you can choose what works best for you. To set who receives a confirmation email, you need to go to your account settings via the navigation bar on the left.

Directly under your personal information, you find the global account settings. Here, you can decide how you want booking confirmations to work. Global settings are saved for all bookers of your company. You can choose between four different options, for regular as well as e-learning courses. Then, simply choose what works best for you by clicking the grey box on the left. 

You can change between sending confirmations to employees, their private email, your email, or a custom email. This way, we make sure to accommodate all possibilities for what works best for you.

  • Send confirmations to employee: This will send a confirmation email to the employee's work email once a course is booked.
  • Send confirmations to employee's personal email: This will send a confirmation email to the employee's personal email once a course is booked. The personal email is a unique email address of the employee, but it does not necessarily have to be a private email. You will find that this email is always obligatory for e-learning courses since it will be used by the employees for logging into their e-learning.
  • Send confirmations to my email: This way, our system will send the booking confirmation to the email stated in your personal information.
  • Send confirmations to custom email: With this option, you can specify a new custom email in the field below, to which booking confirmations will be sent.

Once you decided how you want your confirmation emails to work, simply click on save changes on the bottom right, and you are finished. These settings are individual to you, and these checkboxes are looked at when you make the booking so that it is possible to have different booking confirmation settings within one company. 

Under global account settings, you also have the possibility to rename companies to a user-friendly name. Simply choose the company you wish to rename, fill out the field with the desired name and save the changes.

Default payer details can be set and changed under your personal account settings.