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Booking a course

How do I book a course?

Courses can be booked on the dashboard. There are two options, either you can book a course that you have already added to favourites or search the course library, which you can find at the bottom of your dashboard. No matter which one you choose, the booking process is necessarily the same.

Step 1 - Find course and click it

Let’s say you want to book a BOSIET course with CAEBS. Once you found the course, click on the course first. This will open a new section underneath, displaying all the available course dates.

Step 2 - Check details

You will be able to see the date, starting time, location, language, no of places and the price for that exact course. This way, it makes it easy for you to check all the important details to ensure you’re booking the right course at the right place.

Step 3 - Book now or select multiple courses

Now, if you only book one course, simply click on “book now” on the right-hand side. If you want to book multiple courses at once, choose the courses you wish to book by selecting them on the left side.

Step 4 - Book selected

When you’re down selecting all the courses you wish to book, scroll back to the top of the course library. With the yellow “book selected” button on the top, you can confirm your selection and book the selected courses.

If booking from your favourite courses, you will find the "book selected" button in the right bottom corner of your favourite section. Afterwards, you will then find the courses in your basket, where you can add employees. You can find your basket via "Basket" in the main menu on the left of your page, or in the right top corner where the basket icon is shown.

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