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Adding courses to favourites

How do I add a course to favourites? (How do I remove a course from favourites?)

In the beginning, when using our business portal, your dashboard might look a little empty. To change this and make using our solution easier for you, a good first step is to add courses to your favourites. When scrolling down, you will find a library of all our available courses.

Step 1 - Search for the course you want to add to favourites

Search for keywords, a specific course name or course id, then select your desired country or preferred training centre if you want to narrow down the search results. After pressing search, all courses that match your search results will be displayed.

Step 2 - Click grey dots to open the drop-down menu

Now, when you find the course you were looking for, simply click on the three dots on the right of the row. Then, you can either view all the details for the specific course OR add the course favourites.

Step 3 - Click Add to favourite

After clicking on add to favourite, the course will from now on appear on your dashboard under your favourite courses, simple as that!

Removing a course from favourites works just as easy. Identify the course you wish to remove, click on the three dots on the right and side and click on "remove from favourites" and you're all set.

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