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Falck Safety Service is now called RelyOn Nutec

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1. March 2019

We changed our name from Falck Safety Service to RelyOn Nutec at the end of 2018. Our change of name is not a change of direction. You can rely on our continued commitment to leading the global safety service industry and helping people improve safety with a 360° mindset and perspective.

If you want to get yourself onto one of our safety courses in oil & gas, maritime and wind, you can search our courses here. Alternatively, visit our homepage to learn more about our services - as the world’s leading provider of multi-service safety, survival and skills training. Otherwise continue reading below for information about Falck Safety Services.

About Falck Safety Services

Falck Safety Services is an international leader in rescue and safety training, providing safety services to the oil & gas, maritime, renewable energy and other high-risk industries.

Falck Safety Services trains staff in safe conduct and survival skills aimed at preventing accidents and injuries. Falck has built these activities from their origin in Denmark into an international leader with 1,000 employees at 33 centres in 20 countries around the world.

Falck Safety Services core services and solutions

Safety and survival training: more than 750 courses delivered by experienced instructors offline, onsite and online.

Training management: delivering technology and expertise to manage customers’ training, competence and compliance needs, so they can focus on the core business.

Competence management: developing and implementing competence management systems, tailored to business needs ensuring that workforce is demonstrated to meet safety critical standards.

Crisis management: help organisations reduce the risk of major emergencies occurring and help implement the plans, skills and mindset to effectively manage a potential crisis.

Tailormade courses: tailored development of programmes and courses to help organisations with special business and safety needs get the most out of their training investment.

For more on what we do visit this page.

Falck Safety Service global accreditations

Falck Safety Services has over 30 internationally recognised accreditations to meet global training needs.

You can browse these accreditations here.

Embracing new technology

Technological advances are driving our industry to new levels of effectiveness. New tools and approaches such as 3D digital platforms, e-learning and blended training are making the training experience increasingly realistic – and increasingly efficient. We have formed a series of partnerships with technology partners to help our customers embrace the many benefits of these exciting new training techniques.

Our clients

Falck Safety Services is the trusted global safety partner to more than 10,000 companies and more than 250,000 people trained every year in oil and gas, maritime, wind and industrial. We work at all levels of the organisation to improve safety, from the executive suite to the worker on the floor, helping organisations address safety with a 360 degree perspective and mindset. 

Our people

Falck Safety Services employees are the backbone of the organisation; rock solid and dependable. Our 500 instructors around the world come mainly from military or professional safety and survival related backgrounds, with first-hand experience and 17 years of experience on average. We focus on helping people develop lifelong careers in our organisation. Learn more about career opportunities and management.

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