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Major emergencies constitute a risk to property, personnel, reputation and the public. Our crisis management team have more than 20 years of experience helping organisations reduce the risk of accidents.

Expect the unexpected


RelyOn Nutec crisis management

Expect the unexpected

Major emergencies constitute a risk to property, personnel, reputation and the public. Our crisis management team have more than 20 years of experience helping organisations reduce the risk of accidents turning into crisis and improve organisations’ ability to effectively manage crisis situations. We help organisations “expect the unexpected”, through planning, preparation, training and leadership enablement.

Why companies use crisis management services

90% of business owners rate “speed of response” as critical during a crisis, but only halve have clear plans and procedures in place. 

Companies in high risk potential industries (oil and gas, maritime and industrial), may utilise professional crisis management support to reduce risk of major emergencies breaking out and improving ability to manage the crisis if an accident should occur.

  • When leaders lack understanding of operational and organisational risks, threatening the safety of the people, assets and businesses they are responsible for.
  • When there are no standard crisis management plans and procedures in place, prevent effective training and preparation.
  • When people are not adequately prepared and trained to prevent and manage a potential emergency and crisis.
  • When leadership do not feel adequately equipped to take charge in emergency situations and manage the crisis.

Get a full overview of operational and organisational risks: major emergencies result in cost from damages, lost revenue and potentially loss of lives. Risk can however be mitigated and impact reduced, by understanding where you are most vulnerable from an operational and organisational perspective.

React fast and decisively in emergency and crisis situations: the ability to collaborate and act fast, are key to containing and managing any crisis. Clear plans, procedures, roles and responsibilities are the backbone of fast response. Getting the entire team focused around a shared operating procedure saves time and time is critical to contain the crisis.

Strengthen every link of the response structure: it only takes one unprepared and untrained team member to put the entire crisis management operations at risk. Team preparation and ongoing training of crisis management procedures is the key to speed during major emergencies. 

Take charge: leaders are at the heart of crisis management. People look towards their leader in times of crisis and organisations need to ensure that they are equipped with the plan, skills and mindset to make the right decisions with speed and decisiveness. Training and preparing leaders to take action enables the rest of the team to play their part in keeping people safe by preventing and managing potential emergencies effectively.

What is crisis management?

Crisis management services help organisations reduce the risk of major emergencies occurring and help implement the plans, skills and mindset to effectively manage a potential crisis.

Our crisis management team combines consulting and training, to give our clients confidence that if a crisis should occur, that they will be better prepared to respond effectively.

What we do:

  • Do you know your safety gaps? We assess your operational and organisational risks 360 degrees, to give full overview of strengths and potential weaknesses.
  • Do have an action plan to reduce risks? We map high priority improvement areas and deliver concrete actions to improve safety and crisis management capabilities.
  • Do you have crisis plans and procedures in place? We develop plans and procedures tailored to your team.
  • Is your team ready to execute on established plans and procedures? We train and exercise individuals and teams to take action and collaborate during major emergencies.
  • Is your leadership ready to take charge? We prepare leaders to take responsibility and make the right decisions.

Partnering with RelyOn Nutec crisis management services will help ensure that your organisation minimises the risk of a crisis occurring and also help develop the plans, capabilities, mindset and leadership to safely manage the crisis, should it happen. 

How does crisis management work?

Good-practice: our crisis management consulting and training services are built from a backbone of good practice tools and processes, that we help to transfer to your people, work routines and leadership.  

Bespoke solutions: each organisation is different and our crisis management services are always tailored to the specific client requirements. 

Involve the organisation 360 degrees: successful crisis prevention and management require the full involvement of the organisation, from worker to leaders. We work closely with all stakeholders to build a strong safety chain with no weak links.

How do we deliver our crisis management services?

Assessment: reviewing your operational and organisational risks, to identify critical gaps. From an operational risk perspective, we assess your resources, expertise, facilities and equipment. From an organisational risk perspective, we assess competencies, ownership, accountability and documentation.

Planning: developing emergency response plans and procedures. We can review current documentation in place (policy, strategy, procedures, emergency response plans, performance standards, key role guides, aides memoir, bridging documents) and update based on good practice standards.

Management: crisis roles, responsibilities and organisational structure. We can review current team and facilities (team organisation, team mobilisation, facility design, equipment procurement) and develop action plan to bridge potential management gaps.

Training: design and delivery of role-specific team training. Analysis and design (training needs analysis, development of standards, design of training packages, design of real-life scenarios, design of simulated training, design of computer-aided training) and delivery of onsite, offsite or online training to bridge competence gaps.

Test and exercise: verifying competence and building confidence. Live testing, onboard and onsite, operational and organisational, scenario-based training, offsite testing, workshops, tabletop scenarios and simulation-based training.

Why people rely on our crisis management services

The leading global safety service provider: partnering with a global crisis management partner should not come at the expense of ability to act locally. With physical presence in more than 20 countries around the world, we understand local conditions and have the ability to deliver wherever and whenever needed.

20 years of experience: our crisis management team has more than two decades of experience helping organisations in a wide variety industries and situations.


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