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Leading the Future of Wind Energy: Becoming a Wind Turbine Technician  

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2. May 2024

Wind turbine technicians are the backbone of the expanding renewable energy system. With the increasing demand for renewable energy, becoming a wind turbine technician offers a rewarding opportunity to contribute to sustainability while pursuing a fulfilling career with growth potential. To embark on this career path, individuals must complete certain training and access specific certifications ensuring safety and efficient work operations. Choosing the right courses in the right format are the first steps towards a successful career and sustainable professional development.

Essential Considerations for Future Wind Turbine Technicians 

The steady and continuous growth of the renewable wind sector brings along an increase in demand for trained workforce, who are not solely responsible for the installation, but also the inspection and maintenance of wind turbines. In order to keep up with the rapid advancement and to deliver the wind energy needed to meet net zero goals, the industry needs
more than half a million wind turbine technicians to manage installation and maintenance. The projected growth of the employment of wind turbine technicians is projected to grow much faster than the average of any other occupation over the next 10 years. 

With the demand for renewable energy rising, becoming a wind turbine technician offers a promising career path with opportunities for growth and contribution to sustainable energy solutions. However, working at an onshore or offshore wind farm is a demanding job. Before embarking on the journey to become a wind turbine technician, there are many considerations and prerequisites to consider. 

A windtech should be comfortable in working at great heights, often in harsh weather conditions. Farms are usually located in remote areas, therefore being comfortable with travelling is beneficial. Becoming a wind turbine technician also involves acquiring specialized skills and knowledge in the maintenance and operation of wind energy systems. As an aspiring wind turbine technician, having the proper training enhances your employability and signals your commitment to professional development.

Standardizing Wind Safety Training through GWO 

One of the most important aspects of training for wind turbine operations is safety. Installing and servicing a turbine involves various risks, therefore technicians must be trained to act responsibly. The global wind industry works continuously on standardizing wind safety training through Global Wind Organization (GWO), which is a huge step towards
removing complexity and creating a mutual understanding of occupational safety within the industry.  

Global duty-holders have standardized entry-level job profiles for wind technicians, defining agreed-upon skills and knowledge achievable through a training pathway. Besides on-site and employer specific training requirements, specifically for entry-level positions, the GWO Basic Technical and Safety Training courses enable course takers with the necessary skills and knowledge achievable at start. Safety training and having the right certifications are compulsory and essential parts of becoming a wind turbine technician.

Advancing Training Paradigms: RelyOn Nutec's Innovations in GWO Safety Training 

RelyOn Nutec adopted a novel approach to digital learning, which was then applied to the GWO Basic Safety Training course by digitalizing the theory-based components of the curriculum facilitated by cutting-edge,
adaptive learning technology. This blended learning approach offers numerous advantages, with two prominent ones being time savings and increased flexibility, all while enhancing proficiency.  

It reduces traveling expenses and optimizes on-site training time and utilizes adaptive learning techniques to address unconscious incompetence through intelligent technology and algorithms. In essence, it identifies areas where learners may think they have mastery but reveals areas needing further improvement.  

With adaptive learning, as a course taker, you can oversee your own learning experience and tackle the challenges at your own pace. The blended approach therefore utilizes educational technology and the benefits of AI, complemented by a day of on-site training sessions with practical exercises with experienced trainers.

Personal and Professional Development within the Renewables  

In the face of rising demand for renewable energy, wind turbine technicians play a vital role in sustaining the sector's growth. Pursuing this career offers both the chance to contribute to sustainability and opportunities for personal and professional advancement. However, ensuring readiness for the role requires careful consideration of safety training and acquiring necessary skills and certifications. With training centers in over 30 countries, RelyOn Nutec provides the same high-quality courses all around the globe. Our wide range of GWO certified courses cater to the needs of entry-level and advanced industry professionals alike. 

Explore our GWO certified courses focusing on wind operations and get to know more about our innovative adaptive learning approach here! 

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