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Advancing Maritime Safety and Efficiency with Simulator Training 

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14. June 2024

Port operations encompass a spectrum of activities, from vessel handling to cargo management, forming the backbone of global trade and commerce. Simulators have a transformative impact in enhancing port crane operations, extending their reach beyond ports to revolutionize safety training in other critical industries like offshore wind energy. Through the lens of innovation and sustainability, uncover how companies like RelyOn are pioneering advancements in simulator technology to shape a safer and more efficient maritime landscape. 

The global maritime industry is responsible for
facilitating over 80% of global trade, and is on the brink of an incredible challenge to change and adapt to the ever-changing technological and environmental conditions that shape the 21st century. Employing over 1.8 million people around the world, the maritime industry is increasingly impacted by a prominent level of global operations coupled with the growing relevance of advanced technologies.

Importance of Efficient Port Operations in Global Trade Sustainability 

Large, but less frequently mentioned, integral parts of the maritime industry are the port operations. Port operations refer to the wide range of activities from handling vessels to managing cargo at the seaport. The efficient and safe execution of these operations are essential to any properly functioning port and have a significant role in global trade and commerce. 

Efficient port operations—by ensuring both safety and speed—are critical to making global trade more sustainable. Streamlined processes reduce fuel consumption and minimize delays, leading to lower emissions and less environmental impact. Additionally, safety improvements prevent accidents that can result in spills or other ecological disasters. As the industry moves towards sustainability, technological advancements, such as training on simulators for crane operations, represent a new horizon. These innovations enable operators to hone their skills in a controlled environment, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of costly errors, thus contributing to a more sustainable global trade ecosystem.

The Crucial Role of Simulators in Enhancing Port Crane Operations 

Port crane operations are challenging due to the variety of loads and unpredictable environmental factors involved; therefore, simulators are crucial in training operators for these demanding conditions. They provide a safe and controlled environment where operators can improve their skills, practice emergency responses, and gain the confidence needed to handle the complexities of port crane operations effectively.

While there is still some skepticism that surrounds simulator training regarding crane operations, simulators have been with us and part of the technical training ecosystem for years. Lifting and lowering, moving things from one place to another is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to crane simulation. The real value lies in training for scenarios in which learners can experience emergency situations and how to handle them efficiently with the least amount of loss. Enhancing these skills and allowing operators to experience accidents, prepare them for not only managing but most importantly avoiding them in a safe environment is crucial.

Simulation Technology at RelyOn Nutec 

RelyOn offers a range of port crane simulators to meet various training needs. For short-term requirements, the portable ADS1-Crane simulator is available for daily hire and comes with a dedicated instructor who conducts regular competence assessments. For more extensive training needs, the ADS2 and full-size ADS3-Crane simulators are available for purchase or long-term lease, providing uninterrupted access to immersive training.

These simulators feature lifelike 3D replicas of specific port terminal layouts and cranes, enabling operators to verify lift plans and optimize operational procedures around the clock. Through these advanced simulators, RelyOn helps operators handle the complexities of port crane operations more effectively, contributing to a safer and more efficient port environment.

Crane Operations Beyond the Ports 

The use of crane operation simulators goes beyond port environments and provides ample solutions to several safety crucial industries. RelyOn, in a joint effort with PALFINGER, has set itself on the path to revolutionize offshore wind crane training. The innovative simulator, which harnesses innovative virtual reality (VR) technology aiming to elevate safety and efficiency.

This state-of-the-art simulator addresses the unique challenges of offshore crane operations, providing operators with realistic training scenarios that replicate the complex and often harsh conditions at sea. This advancement not only boosts safety standards but also supports the growing demand for skilled professionals in the expanding offshore wind industry, demonstrating RelyOn's commitment to advancing training and safety across various sectors. 

For more insights on simulator training, visit our page or request our webinar video here. 

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