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Safety can only be addressed with a 360° perspective & culture

Effective Jan. 23rd, we are excited to announce that we are changing our company name from Falck Safety Service to RelyOn Nutec.

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22. January 2019

Our change of name is not a change of direction. You can rely on our continued commitment to leading the global safety service industry and helping people improve safety with a 360° mindset and perspective.

Risk to safety comes from all directions

In high risk potential environments, a workforce trained to the highest safety standards is essential, not a nice to have.

Essential, but not sufficient.

Risk to safety comes from all directions and safety needs to be improved with a 360° perspective. From leadership, work routines and attitude to the unforeseen.

People and businesses are only as safe as the weakest link. 

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Safety requires a 360° safety culture

Safety needs to go beyond individual excellence.

In organisations with demanding work environments, everyone from the CEO & management to on-site leaders & workers must come together around a strong safety culture. 360 degrees. 

Safety culture is only as strong as the weakest link. Workers are only as safe as the people working next to them. Organisations are only as safe as the culture leaders drive.

Learn more about how we work with safety competencies with a 360° safety perspective.

Shaping the future of safety

Safety service partners, such as ourselves, need to go beyond training delivery to help people & businesses cover safety 360 degrees and drive a strong 360 degree safety culture.

Instructors that go beyond training, to help people understand and cover angles of risk outside the text book.

Safety consultants, that go beyond good advice, to help organisations develop & implement new skills, work routines and mindset that deliver impact where it matters.

Safety services, that go beyond excellence in individual areas, but take a look at the whole safety cycle of an organisation.  

Learn more about our full range of services & solutions.

The global safety partner, trusted worldwide

RelyOn Nutec is leading safety partner to people and businesses in oil & gas, maritime, industrial & renewables, trusted by +8,000 organisations and +250,000 people served in 2018.

We help to improve global safety for our clients from our 33 sites across 22 countries (and counting), with decades of experience and staff that go beyond what is required, to do what is needed.

For more information, contact us directly or book a meeting with one of our site leaders or consultants.

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