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Digital library

Where can I find all e-learning courses you offer?

All our e-learning courses can be found in the digital library. You can find our digital library via the navigation bar on the left. Here, you can choose your relevant industry and our library will only show you courses for that particular sector. Of course, you can also choose to see courses for all industries.

You will find different categories, like “Business Essentials”, “Leadership”, “HSE”, “Mechanical” and more. This will make it easier for you to find courses relevant to your needs exactly.

You can sort the courses via name, course code, industry, category or price.

You can also book your e-learning courses directly from the digital library. Depending on if you want to book multiple courses or just one, you can either press “Book now” on the right, or select multiple courses on the left and then book them via "Book selected". You will then find the courses in your basket.

If you do not want to book a course right away, you can also add one to favourites on the top right.

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