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From Investments to Impact: Investing in Green Careers

Amidst a surge in global investment towards the green energy transition, there is an imperative for skilled human capital and robust safety measures. As industries shift towards decarbonization, challenges such as skill shortages and regulatory compliance emerge as pivotal concerns. RelyOn Nutec's modular workforce management platform addresses these challenges by offering comprehensive solutions for managing people and processes ensuring safety and compliance in safety-critical industries.

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2. April 2024

Investment in the green energy transition soared to new heights 

Global investment into the green energy transition experienced a significant increase in 2023, reaching $1.77 trillion in total according to BloombergNEF’s report. Amidst geopolitical turbulence, increasing interest rates and inflation, the low-carbon industries are deemed resilient, keeping the world on track for net zero emissions by 2050. Moving away from fossil fuels and embarking on the journey of decarbonization, however, is not as simple as that. While the current trajectory seems promising, it might still not be enough to reach the global objectives by mid-century.   

Navigating the complexities of decarbonization

The transition is far from just replacing one energy source with another. The transition from fossil fuels foreshadows an
ever growing need of trained professionals within the fields of manufacturing and engineering to construction and maintenance. Decarbonization therefore requires not only financial but a significant amount of high-skilled human capital. Operating in high-risk environments will require companies to invest in proper training as it will play a key role in closing the gap associated with the skills and competencies required for the green energy transition.

“The significant increase in global investment in green energy transition is likely seen as a positive trend. This surge in funding indicates a growing awareness and commitment to addressing climate change, aligning with the goals of renewable energy, electrification and decarbonization. However, transitioning away from fossil fuels requires comprehensive strategies, innovative technologies, and a collective global effort. Looking at this challenging landscape, ensuring the safety of people, assets and environment is crucial for all sectors, especially during this time of rapid development.”  commented Daniele Casale, Global Head of Renewables at RelyOn Nutec.

Integrating digitalization for operational optimization 

While experiencing a skills shortage, the pressure to achieve operational efficiency and transparency in the face of the growing market adds to the many challenges organizations must face within the renewable energy sector.  As the industry grows, safety training, addressing employees' progress, compliance and managing competence across all levels of an organization becomes pivotal to further growth. The focus on data-driven management pushes the sector towards a greater level of digitalization. Tools that can address modern challenges will become increasingly important for companies operating in safety critical industries.

Digital technology must be intuitive and human-centered with a heightened focus on ease of use, so it will not take time away from the most important parts of daily work, but rather contribute to it in a meaningful way. An efficient digital infrastructure should provide an environment, where both employee and employer are supported through their work requirements, let that be completing training or the actual management of people and processes across various levels.

RIDER, a modular system for managing people and processes  

As the global partner for safety critical industries, RelyOn Nutec frequently encounters the difficulties its clients face in demonstrating the regulatory and corporate compliance of their employees. Besides compliance, streamlining learning processes, managing employee's competence levels cause quite a bit of a struggle to organizations with high safety standards.

RelyOn Nutec’s RIDER application is a comprehensive modular software system designed for industries where safety is paramount. It offers solutions for managing people and processes efficiently across various sectors. Combining learning, compliance and competence, RIDER comprises three key modules: Learning Management, Training Compliance, and Competence Management.

RIDER - Stages

The Learning Management Module facilitates the booking of training sessions and delivery of digital learning content through a unified platform. It streamlines the learning process, enhances training outcomes with adaptive learning technology, and allows employees to access e-learning via a mobile app for convenient training anytime, anywhere.

The Training Compliance Module centralizes all training data in a cloud-based platform, providing full visibility of compliance levels across the organization. It reduces administrative workload, ensures compliance with industry standards, and offers features like customizable dashboards, financial reporting, and certification tracking.

The Competence Management Module enables real-time tracking of employees' competence levels as per the organization's framework. It digitizes assessments, reduces administrative burdens, and provides assurance on competence obligations. Features include remote digital assessment, secure evidence storage, workforce competence tracking throughout the employee lifecycle, and support for workforce planning.

As the world shifts towards a sustainable future, the intersection of technology and talent plays a crucial role in driving success in the green energy sector. With increasing investments in renewable energy and decarbonization efforts, there is a growing demand for innovative solutions and skilled professionals to navigate the complexities of this transition.

As industries navigate the complexities of decarbonization, investing in comprehensive solutions like RelyOn Nutec's RIDER becomes essential for managing people and processes efficiently while ensuring safety and compliance. By embracing digitalization, fostering a culture of innovation, and prioritizing talent development, organizations can navigate the challenges and opportunities of the renewable energy sector, driving sustainable growth and impact in the journey towards a cleaner, greener future. 

“As the industry expands, ensuring the safety of workers involved in the installation, operation, and maintenance of renewable energy infrastructure becomes paramount, as paramount as the role and contribution of RelyOn Nutec.”  adds Casale. 

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