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Empowering Renewable Energy: Transition with Adaptive Learning

The way we acquire and manage knowledge has changed significantly with the advancement of digital technologies and the diverse, continuously evolving online platforms. As blended teaching, and adaptive learning methods continue to advance, digital tools have become indispensable for delivering highly effective courses, especially in training personnel in safety critical industries such as the renewable energy sector.

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24. January 2024

Transition to renewables: Implications for workforce development 

According to energy think tank Ember,
the EU is expected to keep on advancing in the direction of transitioning from fossil fuels to more sustainable renewable energy resources throughout 2023, with a significant development expected within the next few years, before the end of 2030 . In May 2023, wind and solar produced more energy in the EU than fossil fuels combined. The transition foresees an increase in the demand for highly skilled workforce in the sector, where safety and efficiency are focal points of operating in these high-risk environments. Investing into proper training and aligning on training standards will play a key role in closing the gap associated with the skills and competencies required for the green energy transition. 

Growing demand for Wind Energy Workforce: Essential Safety Training with RelyOn Nutec 

Wind energy’s ability to both supply homes and industries with power, while at the same also generating green hydrogen puts the sector in the forefront of the energy transition, with a growing demand for qualified workforce for installation, commissioning and maintenance of both offshore and onshore wind turbines.

An adept safety training is crucial for personnel to be able to care for themselves and others working in such high-risk environments. 

RelyOn Nutec offers a comprehensive range of GWO-certified training for the wind industry, including Basic Safety Training and Basic Technical Training. The tailored programs, combining both on-site and online learning (blended learning), cater to workforce at all levels, ensuring they acquire essential skills and globally recognized certifications for safe operations.  

Adaptive Learning: Revolutionizing Safety and Technical Training 

The RelyOn Nutec adaptive learning platform caters to the evolving knowledge management within organizations by offering a personalized learning experience. RelyOn Nutec delivers safety and technical training across the globe, utilizing adaptive learning via our e-learning platform that knows no borders. Complemented with training simulators, applications, and on-site trainings we are committed to offering courses of the highest quality. The blended teaching approach ensures time efficiency and proficiency, while offers a flexible and cost-conscious solution to our customers.

Using extensive data and utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), these adaptive systems can meet the needs of each student by addressing the differences between learning patterns. The technology enables students to set their own pace by customizing the content, the order of questions and learning materials while maintaining the overall sequence of skills. By assessing the student’s learning style, the method will be able to put emphasis on topics that require more attention and won’t drag out parts that doesn’t need extra time to master.  

Adaptive learning is highly beneficial for the learner, as it improves engagement by allowing the course taker to progress at their own pace, providing the materials they must retain in the most befitting way to their personal needs. An adaptive learning environment is not only highly flexible timewise but yields to an overall greater success due to the students’ autonomy in their learning journey. Instructors also benefit from an adaptive learning system since it enables them to provide targeted support where it is the most needed. 


The evolution of digital technologies has transformed learning management processes, with adaptive learning and blended teaching methods, reshaping the skills and safety training landscape. Particularly in safety-critical industries like renewable energy, these advancements are crucial as the sector undergoes a significant transition toward sustainability. RelyOn Nutec's commitment to safety through tailored training programs - combining on-site and online learning - is essential in ensuring personnel acquire the necessary skills and certifications for safe operations. The synergy of adaptive learning, advanced training methodologies, and industry-specific knowledge ensures a workforce well-equipped to drive this transformative journey forward, creating a safer and more proficient industry landscape.

Discover our adaptive and on-site trainings for the renewable industries here.

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