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Top 10 Health & Safety Tips to Encourage a Positive Safety Culture

Our UK team have launched their Q1 Health and Safety theme - 'Our Safety in our Hands'. The aim is to encourage everyone to contribute to a safer working environment.

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2. March 2021

Everyone has the right to be safe and to stay healthy when at work. No matter the sector that a company operates within, it is vital to reduce risks of injury and illness in the workplace, and to create a positive safety culture which encourages employees to take personal responsibility for safety and to contribute to a safer working environment.

Our Health and Safety experts have pulled together a list of top ten tips which will help to make a workplace safe for all personnel in the area:

1. Wear the correct PPE at all times to prevent illness and injury.

2. Do not use equipment without being trained, deemed competent and authorised to do so.

3. Keep workplaces and walkways clear of debris and clean up any spillages immediately to reduce the risk of slips and trips.

4. Protect yourself and others when working at height by being attached to a safe anchor point at all times and securing tools and other work materials to prevent dropped objects.

5. Do not lift or move more weight than you can safely handle to prevent spinal injuries. Get help or use lifting equipment where necessary.

6. Check all equipment properly prior to use and before putting away to ensure it’s always in great working order.

7. Create an ergonomic workspace and take regular stretch breaks to improve comfort and reduce pain.

8. Abide by COVID control measures to reduce the risk of infection spread. Remember hands, face, space.

9. Drive safely at all times. Use a seatbelt, don’t operate a mobile phone and never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

10. STOP work immediately if it is deemed hazardous to people or the environment. 


If you think your organisation would benefit from some support from our health and safety specialists, visit our consultancy page to find out more.

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