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Health and safety

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  • About health and safety

    Eliminating unwanted incidents

    Workplace safety is the legal duty as well as a moral responsibility for all employers. Additionally, preventing physical or mental injury to our employees or damage to assets or the environment can have far-reaching benefits for any business. Eliminating unwanted incidents is the ultimate aim of all health and safety activities and should be engrained in behaviour at all levels of the organisation.

    A range of systems and tools are available to help businesses develop and practice appropriate workplace safety. Properly applied, these systems and tools ensure cultural and behavioural conditions that ensure a competent and compliant workforce functions safely.

  • How we can help

    Mitigate the potential for accidents and reduce employee injury and illness

    We specialise in helping our customers mitigate the potential for accidents and reduce employee injury and illness through a variety of practical and digital solutions, such as:

    • Evaluate workplace safety and identify high-risk areas
    • Produce and review risk assessments
    • Safety management system development and/or review
    • Develop plans, processes and procedures to protect the health and safety of the workforce
    • Produce safety manuals and other safety-related documentation
    • Deliver safety training in our facilities or digitally
    • Carry out accident/incident investigation and reporting
    • Promote a positive safety culture that filters from the top to the bottom of the organisation

    With health and safety specialists embedded across our global organisation, we can advise customers via our consultancy services, fill compliance or skill gaps digitally or at one of our facilities or work with you on more custom-made solutions to meet internal or external requirements.