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New blended training for the wind industry saves learners time and money

We launch our new blended learning solution for the wind industry, consisting of GWO Basic Safety Training (BST) and GWO Basic Technical Training (BTT)

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25. May 2022


We’re delighted to announce that our new blended learning solution for the wind industry, consisting of GWO Basic Safety Training (BST) and GWO Basic Technical Training (BTT) is now available to book online here.

This package is a must for anyone hoping to work in the fast growing wind industry. And, with the UK Government announcing a £160million investment in floating offshore wind just this week, there’s never been a better time to join the sector.


What’s involved in the courses?

The BST has been created to give wind turbine personnel the essential skills and knowledge required to support and care for themselves and others while operating in the field. The course consists of the following modules: working at height, first aid, fire awareness, sea survival (for offshore wind), and manual handling.

The BTT is a ‘must have’ qualification for anyone working on wind turbines and provides delegates with an awareness of the hazards encountered when working on hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and installation systems, and how to control and mitigate these hazards.

Together these two courses are your passport to a career in the wind sector.


Why choose RelyOn Nutec

Choose us because we are the only training provider delivering the two courses as a truly blended solution. This offers real benefits to learners, not only because we’ve reduced the price right down to only £1,650 + VAT, but also because we’ve reduced the training time as well.

Instead of spending 10 days in one of our training facilities (with all the associated costs that that involves), learners will undertake all the theoretical modules online prior to coming on course. This means they can study in a location that suits them and at a pace they are comfortable with. When they do arrive on course, not only will they be familiar with all the course content, but they’ll only be with us for 6 days, Monday to Saturday.

We’re also delivering our online elements via our new adaptive learning platform. This intuitive system uses advanced algorithms to monitor the learner as they go through the course and adjusts the content to suit their individual learning needs, focusing more on what they don’t know and less on what they do. This can further reduce the training time by up to 50% depending on existing knowledge.


Where can you train?

We’ve made sure that we’re located where our customers need us to be and that’s why we’ve got three training facilities right along the UK’s east coast, in Aberdeen, Teesside and Great Yarmouth. We’ve got dates for the BST and BTT combination package currently scheduled in all locations with further dates to be announced soon.

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