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Subject Matter Expert Series - Head of Managed Services

Louise Taylor is our Head of Managed Services, responsible for a team of twelve training specialists.

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23. September 2020

Professional Background

Louise joined the Oil and Gas industry over 15 years ago working for a training provider in their Customer Services department. She quickly moved into the Training Management Service (TMS) and spent several years coordinating training for a varied set of energy clients, working on a number of specialist projects and expanding her knowledge of safety training for high risk industries.

In 2012, Louise relocated to Aberdeen and accepted a Management position at a Digital Learning company. Her role was dual focused, both managing the training centre and developing their new training management service line.  Having secured numerous TMS Contracts, Louise was soon responsible for their ongoing management and supporting the team with day-to-day operations, while continuing to oversee training centre activities. She also spent considerable time liaising with both business development and technical teams to identify and develop further service lines, including facilitating client inductions and campaigns, implementing blending learning solutions and promoting advancements in software to support the provision of managed services.

In 2018, she transitioned across to RelyOn Nutec through a partnership agreement with her existing employer. Her current position as Head of Managed Services, sees her managing 10 outsourced TMS contracts for key clients from the energy industry and she plays a vital role in the implementation of the RelyOn Nutec digitalisation strategy.


Memorable/Challenging Project

RelyOn Nutec was recently awarded two TMS contracts at the same time and the implementation ran in parallel. Working through the transition phase of a new project can be very challenging, and involves configuring live data while developing new processes, procedures and systems for the client.

Running the two projects simultaneously, both with tight timelines and deadlines, was a huge undertaking for the TMS team under Louise’s leadership. Despite the challenges faced, both contracts went live on time and without any setbacks or issues, which was a fantastic result and testament to the knowledge, skillset and dedication of Louise and her team.


Personal Insights

Referring to the safety training sector, Louise says that the value of outsourcing the management of training is increasingly acknowledged by customers who recognise the benefits that are associated with using specialists with extensive training knowledge.

Our TMS clients look to improve their operations by streamlining processes, creating efficiencies and ultimately introducing cost savings. As we introduce new digital technologies, we are able automate many parts of the booking, coordination and reporting processes.  Couple that with the buying power that we can harness as the world’s largest safety training provider and our ability to pass the discounts we achieve onto customers, and we’re able to deliver significant costs savings and operational efficiencies for all of our TMS contracts.

Louise says that companies are increasingly looking for ‘bundled solutions’ and RelyOn Nutec leads the way on this front.  Training delivery and associated managed services, is now accompanies by digital learning options, market leading software solutions, consultancy services and more.


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