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RelyOn Nutec UK Launches Blended Learning Alternative
for Renewables Industry

We become the first training provider in the UK to launch a blended learning option for the wind industry.

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23. September 2020

As the global COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the focus of learning away from traditional classroom methods and towards a range of virtual training solutions, one prominent global safety training provider becomes the first in the UK to launch a blended learning option for the wind industry.

RelyOn Nutec, which delivers safety training and competence services to high risks industries worldwide, has created a blended learning option for all Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Basic Safety Training courses. Aimed at personnel working in a wind turbine environment, this training delivers mandatory safety skills in a range of modules including fire awareness, sea survival and more. The blended learning courses and modules are designed in strict alignment with the GWO Standard and have been certified by Bureau Veritas for delivery across RelyOn Nutec sites in Europe.

For a training company the benefits of delivering courses through blended learning during the pandemic are obvious; where delegate time onsite can be cut by up to two days, the footfall into each training centre on any given day is reduced, subsequently lowering the risk of spreading infection.

Iain Taylor, UK commercial director, explains: “RelyOn Nutec has been aware that utilising new digital technologies is the future of training for some time now as demonstrated by our acquisition of RelyOn Nutec Digital in 2019. Our team were already some way through the production of this course prior to the onset of coronavirus and this has allowed us to be in the right place, at the right time to launch this new training solution.”

The modules are based on a ‘flipped classroom’ approach, with delegates receiving access to their selected e-learning modules prior to attendance of the associated onsite practical training. The self-paced e-learning covers the theoretical, knowledge and understanding components of the course, which would traditionally be delivered via instructor-led presentations in the classroom.

Mr Taylor continues: “As a business we aim to lead our industry towards innovative safety solutions which will drive our clients towards greater efficiencies and lead to cost and resource savings. Blended learning also allows our delegates to learn at a pace that suits them, enabling them to focus on gaps in their own knowledge and ensuring that all delegates are at a similar theoretical level when the practical training begins.

“The current pandemic has shifted focus towards virtual methods of training and will ultimately speed up the overall transition that we anticipate seeing across industry to blended learning alternatives for some courses. While online learning can never fully replace hands-on learning, we look forward to introducing new training options to our clients in due course which allow them to combine the very best practical training experience with digital learning expertise.”

RelyOn Nutec’s new GWO blended learning option is available at its training centres in the UK, as well as sites in Denmark, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Products available include GWO Basic Safety Training for both onshore and offshore environments, as well as each individual module, which consist of First Aid, Manual Handling, Fire Awareness, Working at Height and Sea Survival. Interested parties should contact their local RelyOn Nutec training centre or visit the website for more information,

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