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RelyOn Nutec Expands Operations Into Poland

RelyOn Nutec (RelyOn) is pleased to announce its expansion into Poland through an acquisition of GoRopes

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20. June 2023

RelyOn Nutec is pleased to announce its expansion into Poland through an acquisition of GoRopes, a highly regarded training center, well located in Gdansk, specializing in Global Wind Organisation (GWO) approved courses and rope access training as well as PPE sales, rental and inspection. This partnership underlines our commitment to ensuring our presence in upcoming offshore wind markets and marks the entry into the Baltic Sea.

By combining our extensive knowledge in safety training and state-of-the-art learning technology with GoRopes' local market insights and technical capabilities, the partnership aims to provide Polish businesses and professionals with unrivalled safety training solutions and empower them to operate safely in high-risk environments.

"We are thrilled to establish our presence in Poland and partner with GoRopes, a well-reputed company that has proven themselves by building up an impressive track record over a short period of time since the inception in 2019” said Mr. Lars Brenne, Managing Director at Relyon Nutec – Central Europe. “We look forward to bringing our cutting-edge safety training and competence solutions to the Polish market, further reinforcing our commitment to the energy transition and the growth of the renewable energy workforce”.

Over the coming months the training center in Gdansk is expected to be expand its offering to cover courses such as GWO Basic Technical Training, Lift User training and electrical courses according to the EN50110 standard. All supported by RelyOn's innovative adaptive learning platform.

"We look forward to working together with the industry leader and take the next steps in growing our training portfolio as part of the RelyOn Nutec group. Seeing the industry growing in the Gdansk (Trójmiasto) region every day, we believe this is the perfect time to take the next step” said Mr. Mateusz Archacki, co-founder of GoRopes.

RelyOn Nutec's significant presence around the North Sea including a total of 13 training centers in the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium, has laid a strong foundation for now starting its expansion into the Baltic Sea with the first training center in Poland. The acquisition of GoRopes exemplifies our unwavering commitment to cultivating safer work environments for the renewable energy industry and following the global supply chain to upcoming offshore wind market.

About RelyOn Nutec

RelyOn Nutec delivers safety, compliance and competence services and solutions across the world. Through 30+ facilities, RelyOn helps clients protect their people, assets and the environment. RelyOn has a deep history going back over 50 years and leads, through the intelligent application of the latest technology, the energy sector as well as other safety critical industries.

RelyOn Nutec is leading the safety and technical training field and has a broad range of innovative digital services, including digital learning, adaptive learning, simulation technology and a market-leading suite of SaaS applications.
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About GoRopes

GoRopes is a reputable company based in Gdansk Poland, known for its expertise in Global Wind Organization (GWO) training, offering courses designed specifically for professionals working in the wind energy sector. With a team of highly skilled professionals and advanced technical capabilities, GoRopes has established itself as a trusted provider of comprehensive services in the industry. As a GWO training provider, GoRopes adheres to the highest standards of safety and competence in the renewable energy industry.

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