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Thomson Bridge: Innovating Electrical Safety Training for the Energy Industry

Introducing Thomson Bridge, our global electrical safety training partner.

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23. May 2023

The global energy industry is a complex and ever-evolving sector that drives economic growth and sustainable development. Today, companies in this field face new challenges, from grid modernisation and renewable energy expansion to outsourcing and regulatory changes. To thrive in this landscape, businesses must embrace innovation and cutting-edge technologies. Thomson Bridge is at the forefront of supporting companies in responding to the needs of the global energy transformation. They specialise in electrical training services for skills, safety, and compliance, catering to organisations that build, own, and operate energy assets.

Thomson Bridge brings together a team of global experts in safety, electrical, and education, offering expertise in transmission, distribution, rail networks, and both thermal and renewable generation. They also address the high and low voltage skills and compliance needs of industries such as oil and gas, mining, and utilities. Thomson Bridge develops globally transferable products and services aligned with local regulations, ensuring their clients maintain a safe and competent workforce while adhering to best work practices and audit readiness. Their Subject Matter Experts collaborate closely with governments, safety authorities, and regulators to provide practical training, user-friendly learning solutions, and electrical work procedures that enhance workforce safety, compliance, and competence throughout all project stages.

Thomson Bridge sets high standards in training by offering quality courses aligned with vocational education standards and global wind organisation requirements. They prioritise the health and safety of people and minimise environmental impacts, recognizing their responsibility to maintain a safe workplace through an effective Health, Safety & Environment Management System (HSEMS). Safety takes precedence in everything they do, and they are committed to delivering excellence in Electrical, Safety, and Education services worldwide, enabling competent and safe electrical workforces.

As Electrical, Safety, and Education practitioners, Thomson Bridge pioneers the use of technology, including hybrid, online, interactive, and adaptive learning. By leveraging these advanced methods, they provide world-class training that increases efficiency and reduces costs for clients and the industry. Their team of Subject Matter Experts consults with governments, safety authorities, and regulators to ensure practical training and skills development, facilitating improved workforce safety and compliance at all project stages. With a global presence across 22 countries, Thomson Bridge benefits from the connected network and technical leadership of their partnership with RelyOn Nutec, ensuring contextualisation, engineering and design support, and innovative learning solutions.

The partnership between RelyOn Nutec and Thomson Bridge, established in 2022, has expanded the portfolio of high and low voltage and electrical training and consultancy services across global markets. This strategic move strengthens RelyOn Nutec's leadership position in renewable energy training services. By combining highly skilled Safety, Electrical, and Education practitioners, the partnership operates on a global scale, serving clients involved in critical infrastructure for the Energy Transition. Thomson Bridge, powered by RelyOn Nutec's globally connected network, benefits from technical leadership and strong local relationships, ensuring they provide the expertise needed for success. The partnership focuses on contextualisation by aligning products with local regulations, operating procedures, and permit-to-work systems.

With engineering and design support, along with a commitment to innovation and technology-based learning solutions, Thomson Bridge and RelyOn Nutec continue to lead as industry pioneers. Our ambition: to roll out a suite of blended electric safety trainings globally before developing an electric skills portfolio to meet the demands of a rapidly developing industry in need of skilled electricians to cope with increased demand for cleaner renewable energy.

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