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Securing the Future of Wind Energy: Insights from Wind Europe 2023 on Cybersecurity in the Digital Era

In this article, we will explore some of the key takeaways from RelyOn Nutec's experience at the 2023 Wind Europe conference and what they mean for the future of wind energy, especially when it comes to digitizing the energy sector.

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10. May 2023

RelyOn Nutec recently attended the 2023 Wind Europe conference in Copenhagen, which brought together key players in the wind energy industry to discuss the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities in the field. Our participation in the event provided us valuable insights into the current state of the industry and how it is evolving to meet the growing demand for renewable energy. 


To scale innovation and leverage digital services, companies must prioritize innovation. This includes integrating cybersecurity as part of the decision-making process, rather than as an afterthought. While digitalisation can offer many benefits, it also comes with risks. Cybersecurity must keep up with the fast-paced changes in dynamics to ensure the proper architecture is in place to make it secure. Companies cannot protect everything equally and need to adopt a risk-based approach to managing these risks. Furthermore, digitalization should be regarded as an important tool to harvest the easiest flexibility from the network. Hereby, incentivizing customers to adopt digital and smart networks that can respond to renewables is key. Especially when it comes to responding to changing consumer profiles, the importance of flexibility cannot be overstated. 


In order to successfully embrace digitalisation, it is important to recognise that this process also requires a change in culture and the acquisition of new skills. The skills gap that exists across organizations can be a significant challenge when implementing new technologies. As simply applying the same old methodology to new technologies does not work, it is crucial to focus on upskilling and reskilling employees.


We at RelyOn Nutec have made it our mission to support our clients in embracing digitalisation. That is why we keep up to date with new technological developments, for example regarding organizational learning. With our adaptive learning courses we support organizations in closing existing skills gaps through retraining and upskilling their existing workforce. We believe that our role in the energy transformation lies in supporting companies in preparing their workers and processes to fully embrace digitalisation.


In conclusion, the energy sector faces numerous challenges as it continues to shift towards renewable sources and digitalisation. Despite these challenges, there are significant opportunities to be gained from digitalisation in the energy sector. The ability to predict and respond to changes quickly will be critical in supporting this technical journey. By focusing on upskilling and reskilling employees and adopting a customer-centric approach, the sector can successfully navigate this transformation.

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