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RelyOn Nutec signs a MOU with India's National Oil Corporation, ONGC

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8. May 2023

In March 2023, RelyOn Nutec signed a comprehensive MOU with ONGC, India’s national oil corporation, to support the upskilling of their onshore and offshore personnel.  The MOU is designed to open the entire ONGC organisation to call onall of  RelyOn Nutec services for to support their operations.

Within the RelyOn Nutec Group, Aberdeen Drilling School in particular has a long-standing relationship with ONGC, going back as far as 2006 when we facilitated drilling and well control training in the UK for groups of their senior engineers, and later assisted with in-country, on-board training for their challenging HPHT wells.

“During our recent trip to India, we had the pleasure of meeting members of ONGC’s senior management and it was truly refreshing to see the highest level of commitment to innovative and impactful training in the region. Together, we are dedicated to improving safety and enhancing operational efficiencies across the oil and gas industry.” – Jason Grant, VP of Technical Training and Simulation Solutions, RelyOn Nutec.


Scope and Areas of collaboration

The co-operation is intended for training, digital learning, competency, compliance and consultancy in the following areas:

  • Drilling and Well Intervention
  • Well Planning and Management
  • Well Engineering and Integrity
  • Drilling Simulation Development
  • Crisis Management and Emergency Response
  • Health and Safety
  • Lifting and Crane Operations
  • Leadership and Crew Resource Management


To achieve this, RelyOn will utilize the following services.

  • Curriculum and Syllabus Development
  • Personnel Development (Train the Trainer)
  • Simulation Development Services
  • Technical Training Delivery
  • Coaching and Mentoring Services
  • eLearning Development
  • Competence Management Applications
  • Learning Management Systems


We will be working in partnership with ONGC’s internal institutions – primarily with the Institute of Drilling Technology (IDT) which is located in the northern city of Dehradun, known as the education capital of India.  Collaborative initiatives will include:

  • Exchange of training programs.
  • Joint development of customized training programs for ONGC
  • Faculty exchange
  • Knowledge transfer
  • E-learning
  • Development of bespoke simulator solutions


A key player in this exciting venture is our Indian partner, SKO Energy Solutions, who themselves have a long and close relationship with ONGC. The father of Manav Kanwar, SKO’s owner, was an author and wrote the definitive history of ONGC.


Pictured signing:

  • G.A.V.S. Prasad, Executive Director/Head of ONGC Institute of Drilling Technology
  • Jason Grant, VP Technical Training & Simulation, RelyOn Nutec
  • In the Presence of Om Prakash Singh, Director Technology & Field Services, ONGC

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