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Safer Drilling Operations with Simulation-Based Training

Improve operational safety by training and educating workers in a safe but realistic manner thanks to simulation-based training.

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14. February 2023

The oil and gas industry, including on and offshore drilling operations, is considered one of the most dangerous industries to work in - with a fatality rate seven times higher than the total of other industries. However, a majority of these accidents are avoidable. Through developing and maintaining a competent workforce that knows how to react in critical situations, accidents can be minimized and work safety increased. In order to train and educate workers in a safe but realistic manner, simulators are a great solution to making drilling operations safer and more efficient.

Aberdeen Drilling School

In collaboration with our sister company Aberdeen Drilling School, we are able to deliver unique functionality for drilling training with an innovative, realistic, and dynamic drilling simulation experience. Central to the teaching philosophy at Aberdeen Drilling School is the extensive experience of individual instructors who have been involved in complex drilling operations worldwide. Together with our inhouse-developed, cutting-edge simulator technology, we manage to provide end users with simulators that are operationally relevant and mimic real life operations. To fulfill each of our clients’ needs, we offer five different service levels of simulation: 

  • Level 1 - Common simulator control system and subsurface application from the RelyOn Nutec training library
  • Level 2 - Creating a replica of the client’s drilling rig
  • Level 3 – Creating a precisely simulated subsurface analogue for the client’s well application
  • Level 4 – Creating a digital twin of the client’s drilling rig and well operation
  • Level 5 – Linking the live data stream to our simulator from the client’s well site, which allows us to capture lessons learned and simulate the forecasted future operations

In particular our full-sized simulator models, ADS3-Drill and ADS4-Drill, deliver unique functionality for drilling training with an immersive and realistic, dynamic drilling simulation experience.

Why use our simulators

As our simulators allow operators to train and practice in a safe and immersive environment, operational risk can be reduced by testing procedures and identifying potential issues and challenges prior to complex operations. Our state-of-the art simulator systems are used to practice complex scenarios in a risk-free and controlled training environment, bringing real-life operational situations into your training program. Thanks to this feature, competence levels can be increased and the risk of human error in safety-critical situations minimized, improving overall operational safety and efficiency. Furthermore, by allowing you to refine complex operational procedures before putting them into practice in the real world, non-productive time can be substantially reduced and operations run much more efficiently. As we can program our simulators to create a digital twin of the client’s drilling rig and well operation, it allows workers to practice the scenario beforehand. Thanks to this, work processes can be optimized and time can be saved during the real life operation.

Without a doubt, realistic simulators are essential in providing first class training for workers involved in drilling operations. Here, decades of real life experience of our instructors come in useful, as they know exactly how drilling operations proceed in the real world. Combined with our premier technology that is constantly revised and updated, we are able to deliver something only few can: trust.


To make sure we are able to serve all our clients' different needs, we offer simulator based training for HPHT, deepwater drilling operations, MPD, well engineering, WOCRM, NPT reduction and more at Aberdeen Drilling School. Check out their website for more information around the courses we offer and cases with detailed descriptions of what we can do to make your drilling operations safer and more efficient.

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