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RIDER: Digitalizing Competence Management

Since technologies are rapidly evolving in all areas of the economy, firms face the growing challenge of equipping their workers with the necessary skills. Here, the right competence management system can help. With RIDER, we offer a market-leading competence management software application. Our competence management services help with all aspects of keeping a workforce fully competent.

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2. November 2023

What is competence? 

Competence is an ongoing process, not simply a means to an end. Competence ensures that workers are able to carry out their daily operations safely and know how to react and deal with critical situations. In order to become a competent worker, skills and knowledge – which can be gained through training – play an important role. However, experience is of equal importance. Experienced workers react more calmly and safely to critical incidents, and it is therefore important that companies ensure their workers gain enough experience before carrying out difficult or dangerous tasks by themselves in order to maintain high levels of competence. 

Competence assessment

Back in the day, manual excel and paper-based competence assessments used to be costly, error-prone and time consuming. Fortunately, modern approaches to competence management can help simplify this process: Our competence management software RIDER provides real-time visibility of the competence status of the workforce, supports pro-active planning of assessments and maintains and provides a full (historical) record of all assessments done. Our dedicated companion assessment app works online and offline, providing a highly flexible and efficient method of assessing employees. The app includes the creation of text, image or video evidence, while automatically updating central records when the assessment is complete. For offline assessments, records are then updated as soon as an internet connection is established again.

Why demonstrating competence is important

By ensuring that workers can carry out their tasks safely and responsibly, competence significantly reduces risk in the workplace. Especially in safety-critical industries like the oil and gas and wind industries, a safe work environment is of the highest importance. Ensuring high levels of competence not only has internal benefits, but clients often feel more inclined to engage with firms that have a solid competence management framework in place. Getting a competence framework accredited is likely to help an organization attract new clients and improve the level of trust between firm and client. A robust competence system will deliver real value to a business by not only satisfying the expectations of clients and regulators, but also providing a platform for continuous improvement.

How we can help

Companies often feel overwhelmed when creating a competence management framework, since there is very little guidance on how to properly deal with competence. We at RelyOn Nutec aim to support organizations throughout the whole process – from assessing what processes a firm already has in place, to defining competencies and training goals, to implementing the competence management framework and getting the right accreditation.  Our competence management service ensures that firms develop the correct framework, maintain that framework in line with international standards, and makes sure the competence framework remains relevant and up to date with global industry standards.

In particular, RIDER offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to enhance their operations, covering all areas from competence management to assessment management and workforce development. Through this, RIDER not only efficiently tracks workforce competence but also facilitates strategic workforce planning. Furthermore, RIDER supports organizations by providing an auditable evidence trail, ensuring transparency and accountability at every step. Additionally, a secure evidence locker allows users to easily upload and store images, documents, and more in a protected environment, streamlining record-keeping and compliance efforts. Furthermore, Rider's custom app opens up possibilities for remote digital assessment, enabling on-site evaluations or offline functionality for those in remote or connectivity-challenged locations. With Rider, businesses can seamlessly integrate these features to optimize their workforce management strategies and elevate their operational efficiency.


As industries evolve and technology advances, RIDER can support organizations in their journey towards competence excellence. With our comprehensive competence management software and assessment solutions, we empower businesses to ensure safety, compliance, and efficiency within their workforce. By adopting RIDER, organizations can proactively manage competence, reduce workplace risks, and enhance their reputation among clients and regulators alike. If you wish to learn more about competence management, you can find additional information here

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