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Achieving Compliance Excellence: Our Digital Training Compliance System

In an era of rapid technological evolution and changing safety regulations across industries, organizations are confronted with the ongoing challenge of ensuring regulatory and corporate compliance. Here, the right compliance management system becomes a vital tool. Cutting edge training management systems can help revolutionize and simplify compliance management. Our training compliance system RIDER covers all facets of maintaining a fully compliant workforce.

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13. November 2023

Unveiling Compliance

In the past, compliance assessments posed a time- and resource-intensive challenge, involving manual documentation and complicated Excel spreadsheets. With training certificates stored across a number of systems and with complex training matrices located on spreadsheets, accessing the data they need, when they need it, can be both laborious and costly. Thankfully, compliance management software, such as our RIDER system, simplifies and streamlines this process by gathering data and storing it in a central system for easy access and reporting. A digital tool like RIDER can help to standardize, store, and categorize employee training data and certification. It can also provide a collective overview of all employees, both permanent and temporary, across multiple locations.

The system employs a dynamic matrix configuration that enables organizations to consolidate specific requirements into multiple integrated matrices. These matrices can be structured based on various factors, such as assets, the location of employees (onshore/offshore), pre and post-mobilization, and more. Administrators can assign employees to multiple groups, facilitating scenarios where an individual may work across different assets or fulfill secondary roles, such as an emergency responder or a first aider. This feature streamlines the tracking of overall organizational compliance and the management of individual or group certification requirements. It serves as a powerful tool for planning staff development, career advancement, and internal transfers. This, in turn, empowers management to identify personnel within the organization possessing the requisite skills and accreditations for future roles, providing a clear view of training gap analysis.

Why Demonstrating Compliance Matters

Demonstrating compliance serves as a critical benchmark for organizations, showcasing their commitment to adhering to legal requirements, industry standards, and ethical best practices. Compliance not only ensures that a company operates within the bounds of the law, but it also fosters trust among stakeholders, including customers, investors, and employees. Beyond mitigating legal risks, demonstrating compliance is a reflection of an organization's dedication to corporate responsibility and integrity, reinforcing its reputation in the market. Furthermore, it facilitates effective risk management and enhances operational efficiency, as well as providing a competitive edge by signaling a commitment to quality and safety.

RIDER's Comprehensive Compliance Solution

RIDER offers a sophisticated KPI reporting feature, including real-time access to the entire repository of training data stored within the system. This functionality is invaluable for tracking, reporting, and analytics. It empowers organizations to efficiently manage their training efforts by providing insights into skills gap analysis, upcoming certification expiration dates, and no-show/cancellation statistics. This, in turn, enables them to enhance compliance levels with fewer personnel resources. Additionally, the system offers multi-level financial reporting, allowing management to monitor cumulative training costs and forecast future expenditures, thereby providing better control over the training budget while ensuring employee compliance.

Furthermore, the system enhances employee engagement and accountability through an individualized employee environment, accessible via personal log-ins. This feature allows employees to not only view but actively track their own compliance records. It encourages them to take ownership of their individual training requirements, which can play a pivotal role in shaping their future promotion prospects or meeting project-specific demands. The system can deliver e-learning directly to the employee to support these requirements, and provides support through timely notifications about upcoming certification expiry dates, ensuring employees stay on top of their training needs.

Most notably, the system allows for remarkable flexibility and adaptability, evolving alongside the organization's changing needs. It offers continuous support throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Furthermore, its capacity to seamlessly integrate with third-party IT and HR systems solidifies its role as the digital backbone of a comprehensive training and compliance system. This integration capability enables the system to effortlessly retrieve, analyze, and present compliance and training data, thereby relieving HR, training, and administration teams of significant administrative burdens.


RIDER's robust capabilities not only simplify compliance management but also elevate it to a strategic asset. By facilitating comprehensive compliance tracking, enhancing employee engagement, and ensuring adaptability to evolving needs, RIDER empowers organizations to not only meet the challenges of today's compliance landscape but to thrive within it. In an era where compliance is synonymous with responsibility, trust, and operational efficiency, RIDER stands as a reliable ally in the pursuit of a compliant and successful future. To learn more, click here.

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