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The future of training is digital

New tools and approaches, such as 3D digital platforms, digital learning and blended training are making the RelyOn Nutec digital training experience increasingly realistic.

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7. September 2021

There are time constraints, cost implications and logistical challenges associated with practical training and so digital learning becomes key to developing competent workforces while maintaining operational efficiency.


Following the acquisition of three technology platforms toward the end of 2019, we're revolutionising the way we deliver training and other critical safety services.

We host a library of over 155 e-learning titles — many of which hold approval from various industry governing bodies — created by an experienced team of subject matter experts and instructional designers, who ensure that the right content is presented in an engaging and interactive manner using cutting edge digital technologies and learning techniques.

Simulation training is becoming a key feature of the RelyOn Nutec training experience. Simulator technology allows us to bring complex operational procedures to life and gives operators the opportunity to practice emergency scenarios in a risk-free environment. 

Our digital business aims to make training more accessible and relevant for our customers while reducing administrative and training costs. Utilising this combination of e-learning, blended learning, virtual training, simulation-based training and SaaS applications, we've seen a growth of 230 per cent in users last year — from 18,000 to 42,000.


  • Courses available in multiple languages with more being added all the time.
  • Accessible on all devices including computers, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Accessible in low-bandwidth areas.
  • SCORM compliant and can be hosted on any other SCORM compliant LMS.
  • Available onshore or offshore, at home or at work, at any global location with dedicated regional support.

E-learning is cost-efficient for clients and their workforces. It eliminates many of the costs associated with training, including travel, accommodation and daily expenses. It is a convenient way to enhance employees’ skills and knowledge from their own home or workplace without hugely disrupting the working day.


Our goal is to continuously expand a best-in-class e-learning portfolio that caters for multiple safety critical industries. In order to achieve this, systematic analysis and justification are in place to ensure our product development is focused and aligned with industry requirements.

With a current pass rate of 99 per cent and over 10,000 active users within the first year of website purchase capability, e-learning is fast approaching the new normal for safety training.

A recent alliance with Area9 will bring adaptive learning technology to the energy sector. Area9’s system of advanced learning technology is addressing ‘unconscious incompetence’ in digital users and helping them perform at their best.

Area9 Rhapsode is considered the most advanced learning platform in the world. Its transformative, personalised, high-impact learning experience is built on 25 years of research and has proven its value particularly across the healthcare and workforce education sectors.

We'll be bringing this platform to the energy sector globally and it will form the backbone of the current digital learning services.

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