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RelyOn Nutec strengthens its organisation to support accelerated transformational growth

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3. September 2021

CEO Torben Harring says, “We are well into our transformation, and as the world is reopening, we will further accelerate. Therefore, I am truly excited it has been possible to attract very competent people to professionalise further the services we bring to our customers, spark the digital market penetration and expand our technical offerings - not least for the offshore wind sector”.


Anne Søgaard Melchiorsen, 46, has joined RelyOn Nutec as COO effective 12th August, and she holds an M.Sc. in Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and an MBA from Copenhagen Business School. She joins after 14 years in Danske Bank, latest as COO Banking Denmark and Nordic. During her years in Danske Bank, she held transformational responsibility for customer journeys, digital development, operational excellence, etc. In RelyOn Nutec, Anne will facilitate strengthened conceptualisation across our service lines and take leadership of IT, our Training Competence and Competence Management application business, TMS service delivery, and online sales and digital marketing.

New Global Head of Lifting Services

Kurt E. Thomsen, 58, joined RelyOn Nutec on 1st September to lead RelyOn Nutec’s global expansion of lifting training and heavy-lift simulation services for offshore wind, construction and offshore oil & gas. Kurt obtained his degree as Construction Architect, Large Scale Construction Projects, and a trained large-scale crane operator. He brings vast experience from heavy lifting operations, port crane operation and particularly offshore wind park installation. He was the founder of Danish Crane Consultants and later A2SEA (now part of DEME Group), one of the leaders in offshore wind installations. As such, he is the father of the offshore wind installation concept and builds the first two wind turbine installation vessels. He led the installation of numerous offshore wind parks in Denmark and abroad.

New Commercial Director Digital Learning

Marco Vanin, 38, will join RelyOn Nutec on 15th September as Commercial Director of Digital Learning. Marco holds Master’s degrees in both Physics and Nano Technology from Politecnico di Milano and Technical University of Denmark and a PhD. in Physics from the Technical University of Denmark. Marco joins from a position as Director Global Academy in 3Shape. Before that, he spent six years in Area9 latest as VP, Education & Products. As such, Marco has spent more than nine years working with advanced digital learning service platforms and was engaged in developing and commercialising the architecture of Area9’s adaptive Rhapsode platform.

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