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Assessor & Internal Verifier training – Accredited or not?

Getting it right: the selection of training for Assessors and Verifiers is crucial to ensuring a quality and sustainable Competence Assurance Process.

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15. June 2021

New OPITO Competence Management System (CMS) criteria released in January 2021 removed the need for companies seeking approval for their CMS to have their company Assessors and Internal Verifiers trained and qualified to a recognised industry or national qualification. While this may be a fairly recent development for OPITO, there has always been the option to take a non-accredited approach to training a company’s Assessor and Internal Verifiers.

RelyOn Nutec has been successfully delivering bespoke Assessor training to meet clients’ own CMS requirements for a number of years, specifically for businesses that seek to implement a quality and fit for purpose competence scheme, but who perhaps do not want or need to pursue the OPITO CMS approval. 

The release of the revised OPITO CMS approval criteria has simply removed the stipulation and companies wishing to seek approval for their competence management systems can now decide the most effective training intervention for personnel who will act in the role of Assessors and Internal Verifiers within the business.

With over 25 years’ experience in classroom delivery of Assessor and Internal Verifier training RelyOn Nutec’s competence team recognised early on in the global pandemic that we needed to respond to business needs and convert from conventional classroom delivery to live interactive teaching using our cloud-based digital platform.  Since the first lockdown in March 2020, RelyOn Nutec UK have trained over 200 Assessors and over 50 Internal Verifiers through virtual classroom.  This following extensive research of online and digital training delivery methods and techniques, adapting the Assessor and Internal Verifier training programmes and materials to ensure they continue to be effective in engaging the audience whilst in an online learning environment.

Our Assessor and Internal Verifier training via digital delivery has proven extremely popular to individuals and to businesses. Eliminating the need for travel and subsequently delivering cost and time savings has brought benefits to all concerned, as can be demonstrated in the feedback we’ve received from customers over recent months.

"This was my first training online and I thought it went very well, the course content was well delivered and had us interacting throughout to keep us engaged and not switch off or get distracted by other things going on around us. All in all good course and good instructor”.

“I am new to the Assessor role and I found the course very well presented with good discussion between the instructor and all the participants. I learned a lot and enjoyed the class”.

“I had a very positive experience on this course. The instructor was very engaging and was able to get dialog happening with participants”.

Whether you know your training needs or require some guidance in selecting the most appropriate option for your business, RelyOn Nutec lead the field in competence consultancy and have been instrumental in the design, development and delivery of both SQA/OPITO and non-accredited company bespoke Assessor and Internal Verifier training.  With a proven successful track record, we can support companies to ensure that their personnel are equipped with current best practise skills & knowledge to conduct objective workplace competence assessment.  

If you would like more information or wish to speak to our competence team about any aspect of your competence needs, please contact your local RelyOn Nutec office.

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