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RelyOn Nutec USA unveils newly upgraded training campus in Houma, Louisiana

RelyOn Nutec Houma has recently unveiled a one million dollar (USD) upgrade to its training facility which will see the business add to its training capabilities and deliver enhanced support to customers moving through energy transition.

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31. May 2021

The substantial investment, which was approved in Summer 2019, has seen an extensive renovation to current facilities as well as additional construction throughout the campus to make better use of existing space and improve overall delegate experience.

The upgrade will allow for further additions to the centre, which include a wind training area for delivering GWO courses for the renewables industry, and fire facilities for enhanced fire training programmes.

Jenni Lewis, Managing Director RelyOn Nutec US, said “We’re delighted to launch our upgraded training facility which has received substantial investment as part of our drive to deliver a world-class training experience to our United States customers. With delegate safety and comfort at the forefront, we have remodelled, extended and upgraded our training facility to reflect our position as the premier global safety partner to high-risk industries. 

While digitisation is a key focus of the business and we are increasingly using digital technologies including simulations and applications to support our customers on their safety journey, this investment demonstrates our continued commitment to practical training and gives delegates the opportunity to choose the learning experience that best suits their unique requirements.

As part of the investment, the survival training area has undergone substantial repair and renovation with upgrades to the pools and spacious locker rooms added. Flooring and walls throughout have been replaced and a generator installed with the capacity to run the whole building during the frequent power failures experienced throughout the region.

An improved and welcoming front entrance and lobby area have been added to the main building in addition to the remodelling of walls, floors and office spaces. An open plan concept has been achieved through the reconfiguration of office and conference areas.

A number of temporary buildings have been removed and replaced with improved training facilities and additional parking capabilities.  A 60’ x 100’ training pavilion has space for GWO Rescue at Height, OPITO Travel Safely by Boat, Scaffolding training, and mobile Confined Space courses. The pavilion is an outdoor, covered structure with ceiling fans and water stations throughout.

The existing 60-foot boom crane and TEMPSC training areas have been renovated and expanded with perimeter fencing along each area to improve safety for delegates undertaking practical training.

Originally scheduled for a Summer 2020 completion, the project has been impacted by the global pandemic which has caused operational delays and material shortages. Further disruption was experienced when Louisiana was hit by six named hurricanes and several tropical storms in mid-late 2020. Phase one was finalised in October.

A final upgrade, which will include a fire field, burn buildings, and the installation of GWO accredited training equipment, is expected to be complete by the end of Summer 2021. This will allow RelyOn Nutec to serve the US renewables market and to deliver fire training for oil and gas, maritime and other hazardous industrial industries.

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