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Prepare for the unexpected with Major Emergency Management training

RelyOn Nutec is the industry leader in providing emergency preparation simulation, training and assessment. 

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19. May 2021

Delivered by individuals with over 30 years of real-world emergency experience and the strongest commitment to training in the industry, RelyOn Nutec brings unrivalled subject matter expertise to the Major Emergency Management (MEM) program.

“Great course and should be must for all involved with station bill activities.”
A student from one of the largest Oil & Gas Operators in the world

About our Major Emergency Management training

We provide your personnel with knowledge, experience and techniques in Major Emergency Management so that your Emergency Command Teams are able to react effectively to maintain protection to personnel, environment and assets.

Utilizing state-of-the-art simulation rooms, delegates learn how to achieve and maintain effective communication throughout an emergency. RelyOn Nutec instructors will create realistic emergency exercises that simulate actual crisis situations. The MEM course can be tailored to any company-specific project, to deliver personalized and more effective training of your emergency response team.

RelyOn Nutec adopts a proactive methodology in the delivery of MEM; presenting course participants with a number of different scenarios and requiring them to analyze the situation and determine whether it could potentially develop into a crisis. Participants are also trained in determining which proactive measures should be taken and in selecting and coordinating the necessary corporate resources when dealing with the potential crisis.

The course is delivered with both a theoretical and practical approach.  Delegates receive classroom style instruction for the first part of the course and the remainder is focused on real-world crisis scenarios in which each delegate will play the role of the person in charge.  This hands on approach by all trainees prepares each individual to react appropriately in an emergency situation where they are in charge of managing the team and response protocols.

Delivering MEM training in the US

RelyOn Nutec US was recently awarded a contract to deliver MEM training to one of the largest Oil & Gas Operators in the world; specific to their Gulf of Mexico US Business Unit. Employees from the organization’s Deepwater installations have started taking the course at our Lafayette, Louisiana training center. Throughout 2021, approximately 125 delegates will receive the MEM training.

Those that have completed the training in Q1 have provided positive feedback and state the necessity for all personnel who are a part of an emergency response team to receive MEM training:

”The course was excellent and I think the group as a whole gained a wealth of knowledge in those days. I can’t wait for the other guys go from Platform A to experience the same.”

“Great course and should be must for all involved with station bill activities.”

“The simulator using the platform-specific layout was an added benefit.”

“I think mixed attendance from other assets was a plus.  Allowed some great conversation and possibility of furthering consistency.”

“The Instructors were Oscar winning and very knowledgeable on emergency management.  They made the course!”

“The MEM training was ‘the best training she has ever had at the company’”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this class.  Despite the course being set up around a facility I have no familiarity with, I was able to easily follow along because of the facility drawings being projected on the white board.  I think the scenarios were effective and realistic.  The class was constructed with plenty of time to allow for discussions between scenarios.  Those follow up discussions were a great way to critique and improve and a lot of our learnings took place then.  I have already recommended this course others.  It is definitely a class that will benefit me in the field.”

“This was probably one of the best classes I’ve taken in a long time and one of the few that I would voluntarily take again and still think I’d learn even more.  I also think the class size was about right (we had 4, but up to 6 would have probably been ok) as we were able to rotate through a lot of scenarios.  As far as specific feedback for improvement for the vendor, I can’t say that I identified anything that I’d think they should change or do differently.  I think if there are classes with different team members they may have some opportunity to see it through a different lens using unfamiliar drawings when it comes to the facility layout as when we did it we knew what equipment was where, the hazards associated with it, the egress routes etc so we spoke in more specific terms but even without that I think it would be fine as everyone adapted well and didn’t miss a beat. Overall it was a great experience and I appreciate you and your team working so hard to get this set up.”

“This was my first MEM class, I got a lot out of it. The instructors kept the class interesting and real possible situations that keep the team at a high level of reacting to different scenarios. This class was a fine addition to my training this year.”

If your organization would be interested in scheduling a Major Emergency Management training, please contact us today.


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