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RelyOn Nutec forms a new strategic alliance to equip Norwegian oil companies with state-of-the-art preparedness training

A new partnership was announced earlier this week when RelyOn Nutec entered a collaboration together with CAVU International, a global performance improvement consulting company as well as the Operator’s Association for Emergency Response (OFFB), an emergency response organization operating the Norwegian continental shelf.

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30. April 2021

This three-member alliance have co-created a new service offering called ‘STORM’ – an innovative approach to Emergency Response Training combining state-of-the-art simulation, Crew Resource Management (CRM) principles and an established network of response assets.

OFFB currently provides a unique emergency response collaborative partnership for ten Norwegian Operating Company- members. RelyOn Nutec’s realistic Digital Simulation training for drilling and lifting operations, combined with CAVU expertise in Crew Resource Management and Emergency Response Management, will equip the Norwegian Oil Companies with the best possible preparedness training.

“Partnering with CAVU International will provide RelyOn Nutec and OFFB with a unique opportunity to combine in-depth safety, technical as well as organizational expertise into a single Emergency Response Management package,” says Tom Bremer, Managing Director of RelyOn Nutec Simulation.

The companies have named this new service offering “STORM”, an acronym for Safety, Technical and Organizational Response Management.

“Our goal is that ‘STORM’ will equip companies with skills usually required in high-reliability organizations such as nuclear power and commercial aviation. This will enable them to tackle any potential emergency they may encounter,” says Leo Luft, CAVU Vice President Europe & Asia. “Creating incredibly realistic emergency scenarios will allow the students to master critical CRM skills; situational awareness, decision making, communication, teamwork, leadership, and human performance factors.”

“We look forward to being able to provide our members with a unique environment for Emergency Response Training. An environment where we integrate and combine advanced simulator technology with standard emergency response training programs”, says Ole Jacob Haug, Managing Director of OFFB.

About CAVU International

CAVU International is a global consulting company that delivers the safety, leadership and performance coaching necessary to improve team behaviours and organizational culture in any organization where the consequences of human error are unacceptable.

About OFBB

The Operator’s Association for Emergency Response, known as OFFB, is a member-led emergency response organization utilized by many operating companies on the Norwegian continental shelf. They provide professional 2nd line emergency response services to their members as an integral part of their emergency response systems. OFFB also acts as a training resource and expertise centre for all its members.

For further information please contact:

Tom Bremer, Managing Director RelyOn Nutec Simulation Phone: +47 415 15 166 E-mail:

Ole Jacob Haug, Managing Director OFFB Phone: + 47 900 80 418 E-mail:

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