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Sustainability statement

For RelyOn Nutec, safety is not only our business – it is in our DNA. Helping our customers to ensure a healthy and safe work environment is our purpose, and we take pride in ensuring that our delegates have the right skill set to stay safe in hazardous and potentially life-threatening situations.

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2. February 2021

We are committed to protecting the health, safety, and wellbeing of all employees, delegates, and visitors across the entire organisation. We focus on minimising risks and raising awareness about health and safety for our employees.

We conduct our business based on compliance with applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations, integrity, and high ethical standards. We reduce the risk of corruption by working actively to ensure that our employees have the right knowledge and skills.

RelyOn Nutec continuously identifies, prevents or mitigates its risks of adverse impacts on the core principles for sustainability.

We are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of our operations through efficient use of resources and continuous focus on reducing our energy consumption and CO2 emissions.  We operate our business with respect for human and labour rights everywhere and expect the same from our business partners.

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