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Re-opening training centres RelyOn Nutec the Netherlands on the 28th of April

Last week we communicated that we expected to open our training centres again on the 28th of April, pending the press conference of the Dutch government.

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23. April 2020

The government has not forced us to close, but from a social and health perspective we thought it was appropriate to close our training centres on the 20th of March. Based on the wishes of our customers, the insights of today and the measures we have taken, we consider it is responsible to open our doors again on the 28th of April.

In the recent weeks, we have been asked several times by our customers to provide our services and support them in their safety-critical processes. The risks within the high-risk industries and the public fire brigade persist. In order to work and act safely in the event of incidents, the professionals in these sectors must maintain their safety-critical competences because they are vital for our society.

We have investigated how we can re-open in a safe and responsible way, taking into account the RIVM guidelines and our specific business technical aspects. The RIVM guidelines and current insights have guided the additional safety measures we have taken to provide a safe working and training environment. Of course, the measures lead to limitations, for example in our training offer, the execution of the training, group size, logistics, etc. You will find a brief overview of the measures we have taken below. On request you can receive an overview of all measures taken.

Preventive measures before entering the training centre

  • All staff, delegates and visitors have to disinfect their hands upon arrival
  • All delegates and visitors have to sign the ‘Awareness and Prevention Form’ to prevent persons infected with the COVID-19 virus from entering the training centre
  • All delegates receive a set of additional PPE

Preventive measures at the training centre, amongst others:

  • Clear communication of the COVID-19 preventive measures
  • Social distancing - keep 1.5 m distance between yourself and others
  • Additional hygiene measures
  • Disinfect the hands and cleaning the showers after every use
  • Safety protocols for potentially infected persons

Preventive measures during training:

  • Additional use of PPE. The participant receives 1 set of glasses, a FFP2 mask and 2 pairs of gloves per training day
  • Formation of smaller training groups
  • Respect 1.5 m distance in the classrooms, restaurant and training facilities
  • Implementation of digital learning, if possible
  • Follow-up and strict compliance with the COVID-19 guidelines drawn up by the government and certifying bodies.

For the issue of the set of additional PPE (glasses, FFP2 mask and gloves) we charge € 8.00 per participant per training day (excluding VAT). This is mandatory for each delegate.

The preventive measures have been taken on the basis of current knowledge and situation and are continuously monitored and optimized. Please contact your account manager or our customer services department to discuss suitable training options for you after the 28th of April. You can contact them via or 0181 376 600. You can also visit our website to see the availability.

If you also have ideas or suggestions to improve the safety, please get in touch with us.

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