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Rescue Standby and Equipment Rentals with RelyOn Nutec

RelyOn Nutec Canada offers a wide range of Industrial Services including Rescue Standby Teams, Rescue Equipment Rentals, Gas Detection Services and Confined Space Entry.

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1. November 2020

Rescue Standby Services

RONC offers highly qualified rescue standby teams for confined space entries and working at heights. Our vast rescue standby experience includes vessels/barges, fuel/water storage tanks, sewage treatment facilities, power generation facilities, military vessels, movie shoots, and much more.

Our Rescue Team Members come equipped with all of the required gear for your specific job including supplied air, rescue kits, tripod, harnesses, gas detectors, etc.

Equipment Rentals

We have a wide range of equipment available for rental including the following:

  • Air Supply Trailer
  • SCBAs and SABAs
  • Gas Detectors (4 gas, Benzene, Radiation, VOCs, SO2)
  • Tripod/Winch
  • Air Supply Carts
  • Rescue Kits (SKED, Carabiners, 4 to 1s, ropes, anchor systems, etc.)
  • Rescue Harnesses

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