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New training ship in Amsterdam

The RelyOn Nutec Amsterdam training centre has been expanded with new training facilities on board of a specially designed training ship. With this expansion we can do a wide range of fire and life boat related training courses for the offshore, maritime and wind industries.

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9. July 2019

Realistic training facilities

The interior of the ship has a cabin, galley, storage room and fuel treatment room and various types of conventional lifeboats and a free-fall lifeboat are attached to the exterior of the ship. The ship has an engine room consisting of two levels. To enter this area and to extinguish an engine room fire, delegates can use a normal staircase, an emergency staircase or the staircase through the engine control room.

Thanks to the extensive facilities on board the ship, the entire ‘command & control’ chain can be trained. The combination of firefighting and lifeboat facilities makes it possible to train for various scenarios, including the actual abandonment if the incident cannot be controlled. The ship also offers the participants the opportunity to practise working in confined spaces as well as rescue operations from confined spaces.


The Amsterdam NDSM Wharf is home to RelyOn Nutec's unique state-of-the-art training centre. The training centre is only a 20-minute car drive from Schiphol or a 15-minute boat ride with the free ferry from Amsterdam Central Station. There are also accommodation options within walking distance of the training centre. With the recent expansion of the training facilities we can serve our customers in Amsterdam with a broad portfolio of maritime, offshore and wind safety training.

Availability and prices

Under our new owner, various changes have been made to our organisation with the aim of providing you with a better service at lower costs. An important change is the improved regional cooperation between the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Among other things, this has led to more flexible services and a reduction in our standard training prices.

For availability, please check our online calendar. Do you want to know our current prices or do you need more information, please contact our Customer Services department: or +31 181-376 600.

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