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The benefits of simulators in safety training

Simulators are a safe way to gain practical experience of risky situations.

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1. May 2019

The digital age is transforming everything – the way we communicate, the way we work, and the way we live our lives. Safety training is no different. It has to reflect modern demands – and to do that, we adopt cutting-edge solutions, such as simulators.

Simulators were introduced to mimic situations and scenarios that can’t easily or safely be replicated. A machine can never replace hands-on training, but simulators are an excellent training resource when combined with traditional training courses.

Practical experience of dangerous circumstances

Before simulators were introduced, certain emergency scenarios in the workplace were just too dangerous to recreate. But simulators allow dangers to be safely recreated to hone the delegates’ skills and their situational awareness.

When employees and emergency response teams have felt the pressure of risky situations and difficult conditions before and have learned how to react, they’re far more likely to act safely and competently in a real-life emergency situation – ensuring the safety of themselves and their co-workers.

Flexible, adaptable training

Simulators make it easy to adapt the level of the training to the delegate’s experience. The simulations differentiate easily between someone on a basic course and someone on a refresher course. This flexibility allows delegates to constantly develop their own level of expertise in keeping with the responsibilities of their job.

Simulator safety training with us

Simulators are an integrated part of our training, and our clients find them invaluable for learning practical skills and ensuring they can act confidently and calmly when faced with real-life emergency situations.  

If you’re interested in discovering more about how simulator-based training could complement your safety and survival training, please contact us. 

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