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Digital delivery

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  • Blended learning and e-learning

    As the world’s largest safety and training provider, our digital learning experts understand how people learn and work routinely alongside our global safety and training experts to provide class-leading, innovative solutions that deliver measurable results. 

    Our growing portfolio provides a comprehensive solution for delivering innovative digital courses and content designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and boost workforce compliance and competence.

    • Our aim: We are fully committed to continuous development and enhancement of our portfolio to meet and anticipate new and existing industry requirements, trends, and events, across the globe.
    • Our courses: With over 160 fully HTML5 online and blended titles, we hold 30+ internationally recognized accreditations to meet training standards worldwide and are growing by the month.
    • Our expertise: We are uniquely placed to draw upon expertise and facilities from across our sites globally, capturing unique and realistic scenarios and sessions from our training centers.
  • Adaptive Learning

    Comprehensive, compliant and innovative

    The adaptive learning approach relies on well-established concepts in educational psychology and cognitive science – augmented by usage and data points from real learners using the platform. By combining the power of digital delivery with skilled educators’ human insights and judgements, adaptive learning technology can provide mastery learning and individualised programmes for learners at scale. Thanks to intelligently spaced repetitions and individualised learning speed, adaptive learning leads to higher retention and an optimised learning process.

    Being a leader in global training services to the energy industry placed us in a unique position to understand the challenges companies face, and in April 2020, we began our digital transformation and implemented the overall strategy that led to an industry-first, hybrid GWO-approved course.  

    Compared to classroom-based learning or traditional e-learning, adaptive learning:

    • Cuts training time in half by adapting to the needs of each learner.
    • Provides higher proficiency by uncovering and fixing unconscious incompetence.
    • Leads to higher retention due to intelligently-spaced repetitions.
    • Offers rich learning analytics that can support instructors and guide learning.
    • Is more engaging, reducing boredom and frustration.
  • BTT Simulation

    Our BTT units revolutionise the way BTT courses are taught since now teaching is not tied to one specific location anymore. With the new BTT units, training can now take place at the clients’ facilities directly. Only a projector for the PowerPoint part, and of course the BTT units for the practical part, are necessary so that the BTT course can be delivered anywhere in the world. Depending on what modules of the course are thought, different equipment like hydraulic pumps, torques etc are brought to the location as well. 

    Additionally, the units can be set up in different ways, depending on what problem the trainees should solve in the course. This makes it very customisable in accordance with the instructor’s knowledge and wishes and can help increase the quality of the teaching since theory and practice then overlap perfectly. Thanks to this overlap, students are able to easily turn theory into practice which improves learning results and helps learners to feel more confident in their abilities. 

  • Crane simulation

    State-of-the-art simulation technology

    Simulators allow operators to train in a risk-free environment and to practice difficult operational procedures and challenges.​

    Our full-size crane simulators offer delegates the opportunity to train with the best solution on the market in a fully immersive theatre, providing high-quality 3D visualisation of port operations and offshore lifting operations.

    • World-leading simulation: We develop and deliver world-leading lifting operations and BTT simulators.
    • User-friendly and realistic: Our fleet of simulators provide unique functionality and a user-friendly interface.
    • Best-in-class technology: Efficiency, trust, safety, experience, tailored – peace of mind.