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Applications and services

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  • Business Portal - Self-Service Application

    Making training management easier

    Book and manage all your trainings 100% digitally via the Business Portal, our online self-service portal which will give you easy access to our portfolio of training courses such as on-site, e-learning, blended, virtual etc.

    Some of the key benefits of Business Portal include:

    • Access to all physical, blended and digital courses.
    • Manage bookings 100% digitally
    • Instant confirmation for all bookings
    • Booking flow optimised to minimise number of clicks
    • Dashboard with your favourite courses
    • Future-proof solution with adaptive learning capabilities
    • Make your training booking process faster and more efficient
  • RIDER - Training Compliance

    Be compliant while saving money on administration and training

    Get full visibility and track your employees’ certificate compliance levels according to your internal or external regulations.

    Certificate requirements can be efficiently managed arranging training on time, saving you money and resources on administration and training.

    The system supports users in their day-to-day activity on three portal levels:

    • The employee portal: View compliance, access to current training bookings and communication on current training bookings.

    • The supervisor portal: Track and manage the teams certification compliance in real time. Follow status of training requests.

    • The training administration portal: Real-time management of training requests and advanced financial reporting and forecasting.

  • RIDER - Competence Management

    Digitalising and reducing the effort required by up to 40%

    The system covers the end-to-end competence assessment process, including comprehensive data/evidence storage and audit capabilities, all required by international accreditation bodies. It can be configured to meet your company’s competence framework.

    System functionality has been designed to support the users in their day-to-day activity:

    • The employee portal: Access to competence requirements, self-assessments and upload to competence portfolio.

    • The supervisor portal: Register the review and verification of assessments. Progress of competence tracked and managed.

    • Dedicated assessment app: Perform the assessment, add picture evidence and videos. Automatically upload the assessment.

  • Worksafe - Control of Work

    Holding work control procedures together

    WorkSafe is a Integrated Safe System of Work (ISSoW) product, helping you to manage and control potentially hazardous work activities. It uses processes and techniques designed to create a ‘win-win’ situation: improving safety performance and operational efficiency.

    WorkSafe combines safety, rigour, ease of use, flexibility and operational efficiency across it’s three primary modules:

    • Task Risk Assessment (TRA) identifies hazards and implement controls to ensure residual risk As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).

    • Permit to Work (PTW) enables a formal recorded process used to control work which is identified as potentially hazardous and can be provided as a paper-based or electronic solution.

    • Energy Isolations (EI) ensures that hazardous equipment is isolated and not able to be started up again prior to the completion of maintenance or servicing work.