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Navigating the Challenges of the Global Energy Transition - Training Solutions for a Sustainable Future 

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30. January 2024

Amidst the global imperative for a sustainable energy shift, electrification and wind power take central stage in the transition from fossil fuels. Managing this change in the energy landscape, however, poses a great deal of challenges, from technology to workforce development. Finding the right training solutions for people working in the electrical industries and managing their competences at all times is important, as the need for efficiency and safety is continuously increasing. Integrating a competence management system can steer the electrical industry through this evolving energy landscape and allow companies to focus on the core of their business while not abandoning their workforce. 

Power generation is currently the largest source of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions globally, but it is also the sector that is leading the transition to net zero emissions through the rapid ramping up of renewables such as solar and wind. At the same time, the current global energy crisis has placed electricity security and affordability high on the political agenda in many countries.

The Importance of Electrification in the Sustainable Energy Transition

The substantial growth of renewables will need to be accompanied by accelerated investments in grids and flexibility for their successful integration into the power systems. Energy is our prime resource, as we are all reliant on it. How we generate, store, and transfer it determines our future. Finding alternatives and tapping into more sustainable energy resources, supporting the energy transition processes will affect all of us. One of the possible and the
probably most effective ways for economies to transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy resources is electrification. 

Electrification aims to leverage the efficiency, environmental benefits, and versatility of electricity as a cleaner and often more sustainable energy alternative. While it promises a great substitute, it also foreshadows a need for reducing the carbon emission produced by generating electricity. The rate at which industries transition to using more electricity should align with efforts to make the production of that electricity ‘greener’.

Wind Energy: The Driving Force behind the Global Shift to Carbon-Free Power 

Across the globe governments are setting economy-wide goals to reduce GHG emissions. While these may differ in percentages, the common element of our objectives across economies is the role that renewable resources will play in shaping our futures. 

Wind energy will be one of the most important energy sources in the decarbonization process. As turbine designs and operations advance, the costs of wind power will remain competitive, solidifying wind's increasingly prominent role in the energy transition. However, the generation of electricity from wind energy poses challenges to several sectors across economies. 

A transition of this enormity foreshadows the immediate need of a highly effective and modernized infrastructure to collect, store and transfer electricity generated by renewables. The electrification of industrial processes powered by wind energy will require the expansion and optimization of the region’s electricity grid, system hardening, technology improvement and last, but not least: workforce development.

Tailored Training Solutions for the Electrical Supply Industry 

RelyOn Nutec via the partnership with
Thomson Bridge offers a large variety of trainings tailored for the needs of the Electrical applications. Focusing on collaboratively developing a secure and sustainable electrical industry amidst global energy transformation, Thomson Bridge, powered by RelyOn Nutec, specializes in electrical engineering, safety, and education services, catering to various sectors like renewable and thermal generation, maritime, O&G, transmission, distribution, and rail networks.  

The combined expertise of RelyOn Nutec and Thomson Bridge provides participants with the essential knowledge and skills required to work safely around electrical installations. Our constantly expanding Global Electrical Learning Library (GELL) offers courses with a highly personalized approach catering to the growing demand for comprehensive training on both low-, and high-voltage electrical installations, with a focus on the energy industry. 

We are working on rolling out our courses across our global footprint, as the importance of electrical safety becomes a central to the industrial electrification process. Thomson Bridge´s years of experience in the electric power industry, and RelyOn Nutec’s commitment to innovative, technology-driven learning solutions guarantee an up-to-date training addressing real-world challenges in training and operations.

Streamlined Competence Management for Sustainable Growth  

An area as multifaceted as electrification, where your workforce’s training requirements vary from technical and practical to more general knowledge, an efficient competence management system is incremental. The transition to renewables will require a deep understanding of the education patterns, certification requirements of occupations and the costs associated with the changes. Finding and addressing training gaps, providing access to up-to-date data sets on employees’ training and compliance will have a significant role in maintaining sustainable growth amidst uncertainty.

RelyOn Nutec offers an integrated and modular system for your organization to manage the training compliance, and competence of your employees. It does not only optimize learning, utilizing adaptive methods for efficient course delivery and time-saving processes but it also centralizes training data in the cloud, reducing administrative workload while ensuring industry compliance. Additionally, it tracks employee progress in real-time, cutting verification times and costs, while digitally streamlining administrative tasks and guaranteeing competence obligations are met. 

With RelyOn Nutec you also have the option to fully outsource your training and compliance management processes. Our team of training experts will be an extension of your business, managing your investment in the training and development of your most important asset: your people. Outsourcing the process of training and compliance management, together with the logistics associated with training, will allow you to focus on the core of your business, while ensuring the credibility and quality of your employees’ training. Besides taking care of operative responsibilities, RelyOn Nutec’s cloud-based solution efficiently tracks certifications, automates tasks, and integrates with existing systems. Direct your focus to areas of significant impact and allow us to handle tasks where our expertise shines, ultimately saving you relevant time and money on the way. 

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