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Taking Training Management Digital

A comparison of our two digital management systems: Business Portal and RIDER

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21. March 2023

For companies operating in safety-critical environments, ensuring that personnel are skilled and competent is key to keeping a workplace safe. This includes training staff in necessary safety protocols and standards through courses and training on the job throughout the year. As the world’s leading provider of safety training to safety-critical industries, RelyOn Nutec has been part of solving training and compliance challenges for decades, so we understand the issues you may face. Over the years, we developed two major solutions to help organizations overcome these challenges: Business Portal and Rider. This article will compare our two systems so that you can find the optimal fit for your needs and requirements.  

Solution 1: Business Portal 

Our business portal will help simplify training management by offering an all-in-one solution to optimize the booking process. Business Portal will give you easy access to RelyOn Nutec’s products and services and enable you to book physical training courses, e-learning, blended, and virtual ones from our entire catalog – easy and fast. The portal was designed in collaboration with our users to ensure optimal functionality and convenience. By switching to this solution, you can take the first step in transforming the booking process into a fully digital procedure.  

Main Benefits 

The business portal entails numerous smart and practical features to make the booking process as smooth as possible. The dashboard provides a quick and simple overview of favorite courses, allows you to search the entire course offer library, and makes it easy to navigate the portal. In the course library, you can browse our full offer of safety courses, ensuring that you find the right courses for your organization. It offers filter functions to make finding courses quicker, an easy overview of available dates, and the option to book a course straight from the library. Additionally, the portal offers an overview of all training certificates to make it simpler for you to ensure your organization’s compliance.  

Moreover, Business Portal will make it easier to manage employees, as it enables you to keep track of individual training status and makes it simpler to add or delete employees from the portal. Additionally, the portal has many customisable settings like default language and location, individual staff ids, booking confirmations, and others to help better integrate the new tool into your existing training management practices.  

Why use Business Portal? 

Using Business Portal will help make your training management easier and simpler. The all-in-one solution allows you to find and book physical and e-learning courses all in one place - with only a few clicks. The solution includes many features that make it faster and simpler to use - like the favorites section where you can quickly find all your favorite training courses for a quick and easy booking process.  

Solution 2: Rider 

At its core, Rider was designed to help companies ensure organizational compliance and competence. It allows you to easily track whether your employees are allowed to work in high-risk industries. This ensures you can provide the highest possible safety at the workplace to protect your employees and the environment. Rider does this by covering two of the most important topics for companies in safety-critical industries: competence and compliance.  

Compliance Management 

Regarding compliance, Rider’s primary function is to identify any missing compliance gaps for training and make sure people receive the required courses to close those gaps. To make this possible, all necessary qualification requirements for each worker and your different worksites - like offshore and onshore plants - are modeled and loaded into the system. This allows us to adapt Rider to all our client's needs and wishes - to ensure an optimal fit. As certificates achieved from training courses expire, we made sure that the system can predict future compliance gaps - and proactively start the booking process for the required courses.  

Competence Management 

When it comes to competence, Rider supports you in ensuring your workforce’s competence by enabling digital and real-time competence tracking for your employees. When using Rider, necessary competencies, performance criteria and sufficiency levels for your different workers and corresponding worksites are modeled in the system according to your competence framework. This allows for high flexibility in order to perfectly adapt Rider to your organizational needs. The system offers end-to-end coverage of the assessment process, including comprehensive evidence storage and audit capabilities.  Rider also provides employees access to the competence requirements and allows them to start self-assessments and upload relevant documentation to build their competence portfolio. This allows for employees’ progress to be tracked and managed to ensure the teams comply with the required standards. Additionally, a digital assessment app will enable assessors to perform the assessment offline, add evidence or documentation, and automatically upload the evaluation back to the central system. 

Why use Rider? 

As Rider is being offered in modules, we can adapt the system 100% according to our client's needs and its subscription-based system allows for flexibility to persist throughout the entire time of its usage. Additionally, Rider’s course library not only includes our entire training catalog but also offers the ability to implement third-party providers as well. Furthermore, thanks to time saved on competence & compliance management, Rider provides you with a higher compliance level for fewer administration costs. 

Summary: Comparison of Main Features 


In conclusion, both systems were designed to address different organizational needs so that we can supply each client with the best solution. While Business Portal is best for organizations looking for a simpler and faster booking solution, Rider is ideal for companies wanting to digitize their competence or compliance management. Business Portal will allow you to access our entire course library and enables you to manage bookings 100% online. On the other hand, Rider works as a flexible digital solution for managing organizational compliance and competence, providing seamless integration in your existing systems and a full overview of your workforce. 

If you wish to know more about Business Portal or Rider, you can find additional information on our website. Once you have decided to take the next step in digitizing your business, our experts can help you to find the optimal solution for your business - so that you can take full advantage of our technologies and applications. 

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