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RelyOn Nutec has steadily evolved from a Danish fire training provider founded in 1968, to a global multi-service safety, survival and skills training provider. Building on the solid foundation of past experience, we continue to look forward.


Our business is founded on the belief that real-life practical training is the key to acquiring the competences needed to execute complex and dangerous tasks.

We emphasise preparedness in our training helping people to better understand their own emotional reactions in stressful situations knowing how the individual could react as well as what to do. By ensuring people are familiar with these emotions under expertly managed conditions, we give them the skills to respond under any crisis situation.

From a Danish fire training provider, to global multi-service safety, survival and skills training

RelyOn Nutec evolved from a Danish fire training provider founded in 1968, to meet the demand for better safety and survival training in the growing oil and gas and maritime industries of Northern Europe.

From the principles of realistic and fully immersive training, the company has grown to 33 sites in more than 20 countries and moved beyond basic safety & survival, to include more advanced (technical) training and corporate services to help companies better manage their overall training needs. Knowledge and experience are transferable and RelyOn Nutec plays an increasingly significant role in developing a safe workplace helping clients in wind, industrial and other high-risk potential industries improve safety.     

Reliable and rock-solid

More than 10,000 companies and 250,000 course participants trust us with their safety development year after year because we put reliability and competence first. They trust us not only to improve their safety through training, but also in cases of emergency where experts are needed immediately to handle incidents and manage crises. In 2018, our emergency response team was called to seven acute customer situations around the world, because they know we can be trusted even under the most difficult circumstances. See customer cases

Drive safety with a 360 perspective and mindset

Our fundamental belief is that safety requires a 360 degree perspective and mindset.  We apply this principle to how we develop our business, investing in new technology, services and types of training to cover an increasing breadth of risk. We apply it to how we develop our training, to implement new ways improving training effectiveness and how we work with our customers to help them cover risk from all angles. We live 360 safety.   

Lead industry development and respond to new customer needs

Our extensive experience has given us an unrivalled insight into the ever-changing needs of our customers in the market. As more and more customers look to outsource their training management needs, we have developed Training Management Services as a core part of our business today. As our customers’ operations and people have become more technical, we have invested in more advanced training and simulations. As technology has developed, we have invested in new digital ways of learning, making the training experience increasingly realistic – and increasingly efficient.

We develop to changing customer needs, and develop to open for new ways to improve safety and training.

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From supporting individuals in building career skills to assisting multi-national businesses organising every aspect of their training, competency and crisis management, we’re here to help.

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