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Date: 24th of August at 15:00 (CEST)

Webinar: An introduction to blended learning for the Wind industry – adaptive learning approach

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  • Digital GWO training

    GWO was one of the first accreditation bodies to open up

    GWO was one of the first accreditation bodies to open its standards up for digital interpretation and blended courses.

    RelyOn Nutec were one of the first in the market to offer GWO blended courses.

    We now want to share our experience and knowledge with other organisations – to help make your training process more efficient, time-effective, and viable.

    Technologies play a key role in improving organisational learning, and it is crucial to keep up with new developments to reach maximum potential.

    In our webinar, you can learn more about adaptive learning and how it can refine your GWO training.

  • The future of learning

    Adaptive learning enables learners to learn more and complete courses faster as the adaptive algorithm adapts the courses to their needs and capabilities.

    Learning processes are different for everyone. Especially in learning pace, up to ten times the difference between some slow and fast learners can be found.

    Thanks to intelligent technology, adaptive learning can evaluate the student’s skills, knowledge and confidence levels and adapt to each individual’s personal needs.

    This reduces frustration during the learning process and optimises learning outcomes. Adaptive learning allows the learner to make mistakes, pursue misconceptions, and provide an optimal experience for the learner.

    The adaptive learning approach relies on well-established educational psychology and cognitive science concepts – augmented by usage and data points from real learners using the platform.

    Models gather data from learner interactions moment-by-moment and evolve to meet the unique needs of each learner.

    By combining the power of digital delivery with skilled educators’ human insights and judgements, adaptive learning technology can provide mastery learning and individualised programmes for learners at scale.

    Thanks to intelligently spaced repetitions and individualised learning speed, adaptive learning leads to higher retention and an optimised learning process.

    With our platform partner, Area 9, we can offer our clients state-of-the-art capabilities, as Area9 Rhapsode(TM) is considered the most advanced learning platform in the world.

    Benefits in Short

    Thanks to its advanced technology and algorithms, adaptive learning offers many benefits over traditional learning approaches. We summarised the essential benefits in short:

    • Cuts training time in half
    • Provides higher proficiency
    • Uncovers and fixes unconscious incompetence
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