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Date: 22nd of June at 930 and 1630 (CEST)

WEBINAR - Training compliance process: How to make it more efficient, accurate and user-friendly

Join our webinar where we’ll be demonstrating the benefits of using a purpose-built software solution over a more traditional excel approach.

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    The issues a software approach can solve

    If you resonate with any of the following challenges which we think are common when using excel spreadsheets to manage training compliance, then it’s worth joining us to find out:

    • Difficulties keeping track of course bookings, certifications, and expiry dates
    • No financial overview outlining training spend
    • Challenges tracking operational compliance
    • Problems in gathering data for audit purposes
    • Minimal engagement from staff

    These are just a few of the issues faced when using spreadsheets to manage a complicated process which needs to comply with both internal and external requirements and regulations.

  • But what benefits can technology bring to your business

    How a software solution can help you

    In short, a dedicated software solution can reduce the time spent on administration while also delivering greater levels of accuracy, transparency, and efficiency.

    By centralising all your training data in one easily accessible place, you have an overview of your organisation’s training needs, allowing you to implement a structured planning and booking process which can identify potential gaps in compliance before they arise.

    Multiple system reports can be produced at the click of a button allowing you to control budgets, estimate future training spending and identify where further cost reductions can be made.

    And when it comes to demonstrating compliance for audit purposes, everything you need is right at your fingertips.

    These benefits and many more will be outlined in our webinar.

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