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Date: 29th of June at 930 and 1630 (CEST)

WEBINAR - Competence management: How to digitalise your competence processes

Join our webinar where we’ll be demonstrating how the right IT system can provide more clarity and structure to the competence management process

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  • Still using Excel to manage your competence process

    Advance your organisation by implementing a digital solution

    Technologies play a crucial role in helping organisations grow and mature. Also, a software solution can help make the process smoother and more efficient when it comes to competence management.

    Competence is traditionally managed with the help of Excel spreadsheets. However, these processes become more complex and confusing with an organisation’s growing size and maturity.

    Excel spreadsheets can be difficult to navigate, making it hard to get a clear overview of the employees’ competence levels.

    Here, an IT system can provide clarity and structure to the competence management process.

    Keeping track of workforce competence becomes quicker and easier.

    Existing gaps can be identified immediately, and training implemented to close these before issues in competence occur. Additionally, an optimised competence management process saves time.

    With sophisticated reporting and data analytic tools, managers can quickly see a complete overview of competence levels without looking through countless Excel files.

    They can fully dedicate their time to other tasks.

  • The benefits technology can bring to your business

    How a software solution can help you

    Organisations often feel overwhelmed when creating a competence management framework when there is very little guidance on dealing with competence properly.

    We aim to support organisations throughout the process – from assessing the processes an organisation already has in place, defining competencies and training goals, implementing the competence management framework, and getting the correct accreditation.

    Our competence management service ensures that organisations develop the proper framework and then maintain that framework in line with international standards.

    Our competence management software application is highly flexible and can be individually configured to meet your organisation’s needs. It is designed to meet the requirements of all major accreditation bodies. The main features of our competence management system include:

    • Digital and real-time tracking for your employees’ competencies as set by your competence framework
    • End-to-end coverage of the assessment process, including comprehensive data/ evidence storage and audit capabilities
    • Comprehensive digital assessment using a custom app on or offline
    • Highly configurable system which can fully align with your existing framework
    • Fulfils competence framework accreditation requirements

    Once the system is implemented, the assessment and verification time can be reduced by up to 40%.

    Additionally, our competence management system seamlessly integrates with other platforms to ensure complete visibility and management of the workforce’s competence.

    It provides a comprehensive overview of the competence levels, assists in managing employees’ careers, and can assess the entire organisation so that gaps in competence requirements can be found and closed.

    Our competence management system is always “fit for purpose” to best accommodate your organisation’s needs and goals.

    If you want to know more about how we can help make your competence management more accessible and efficient, sign up for our webinar via the form below.